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Business process flow monitoring and operational intelligence product

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Value delivered by iControl

DRYiCE iControl delivers real-time business flow monitoring against business relevant targets and is used by Operations and IT staff on a 24 X 7, day-to-day basis to ensure the smooth running of critical business flows. By creating meaningful views for both business and IT operations, iControl helps you respond quickly and effectively. It is a next-gen business flow intelligence product.

iControl payment monitoring solution

iControl is the first End-to-End Payment Monitoring solution that creates and delivers real-time performance visualization by taking a top-down view across payment flows and focusing on key performance indicators and service level targets. With iControl, organizations go beyond limited silo-based monitoring of payment processes and generate a comprehensive set of analytics designed to provide actionable intelligence to predict, help prevent and correct potential issues.

Energy and Utilities business process flow monitoring solution

iControl is embedded with process intelligence for Energy and Utilities industry and provides real-time visualization of the full set of business processes, their integration, and associated systems providing IT and Operations a granular view into process capability against key performance indicators and defined service level agreements. With iControl, stakeholders can improve the decision-making process of various business functions like Revenue Cycle Management, Asset Management, Network Management, and many more. It regulates the health of business processes with IT data, identifies potential process optimization areas, predicts, and analyses the business impact of any modifications made to the process.

Healthcare business process flow monitoring solution

With DRYiCE iControl, a healthcare business process flow monitoring solution, organizations can effectively monitor their technical and business processes to proactively detect issues before they reach end-users – the Members and Providers. iControl is pre-configured with flows for critical business processes for both Payers and Providers, and these can be tailored to suit customer requirements. It regulates the health of business processes with IT data, identifies potential process optimization areas, predicts, and analyses the business impact of any modifications made to the process.

Case Study

DRYiCE iControl enabled a Fortune 500 financial services firm to address ballooning complexity brought on by Big Data with intuitive visualization of critical business processes

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Data Sheet

DRYiCE iControl

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Key Benefits

Optimized business processes

Proactive identification of potential breaks

Increased business process flow stability

Reduced manual errors and subjectivity

Intelligent, real-time, and actionable insights

Reduction in unplanned downtime or outages

Improved customer satisfaction and service reliability

Pre-defined industry-specific business processes

Key Features

Flow designer

Create and store business flows and process steps; Expand process steps into sub-flows

Standardized KPI/target types

Six standard KPIs/target types to measure impact of IT performance on business outcomes

Business schedule

Set daily, monthly, rolling processing cycles; Set custom calendars, based on time zone, region, and business profile

Flow performance

Set thresholds for different time periods; Rules engine to calculate real-time performance; Visualize the performance of the business flow (by target/KPI or last observation stream)

Operational reporting

Provide reporting of KPI performance for flow and dimensions over time; Create views of business operations by user type

Anomaly detection

Periodic behavior monitoring; Flagging of unusual deviations/patterns


Glass table dashboarding for real-time end-to-end visibility

Impact drilldown

Identity impacted clients; Analyze and understand extent of breaks

Service intelligence

Visualize performance of the business flow; Provide additional business context reporting

Control measures

Operators and owners linked to business KPIs to provide transparency on responsibilities

Predictive analytics

Enable machine learning algorithms to provide trend predictions

Domain pack

Ready templated flows to accelerate creation of new flows covering Banking, Retail, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Energy and Utility


Visualise performance of flows, targets, and other drop down filters using selectable widgets

Customizable home screen

Customizable home screen to define views



Business Process Flow Monitoring Solution for Energy and Utilities

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DRYiCE iControl : Instill visibility and generate holistic view of complex business operation


DRYiCE iControl

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Next generation business flow intelligence

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Business Process Flow Monitoring Solution for Healthcare

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DRYiCE iControl Payment Monitoring Solution

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