DRYiCE IntelliOps™

Enable autonomous IT operations with advanced AIOps and business flow observability


With IntelliOps, enterprises can accelerate progress toward resilient digital services tightly aligned to core business objectives by blending AI and observability across the full IT stack

Andrew Buss

Research Director, IDC

Struggling with complexities of new-age enterprise IT operations?

How does AIOps enable enterprises to be more agile?

How do enterprises use massive amounts of AI-generated data today?

How can DRYiCE IntelliOps help?

Enterprise IT is under increasing pressure to deliver always-on, agile, and resilient digital operations. To cope with this dynamic scenario, enterprises are investing heavily in AIOps solutions. However, these investments are not yielding promised results due to:

  • Increasing demand for “always-on” IT services
  • Managing the ever-changing hybrid landscape
  • Fragmented user experience and support
  • Siloed point products and IT operations leading to limited automation
  • Complex vendor management
  • High CAPEX and OPEX
  • No visibility on business impact

DRYiCE IntelliOps is an integrated, full-stack AIOps and business flow observability solution offering that manages end-to-end agile hybrid IT operations for predictive and continuously available digital services aligned to core business objectives.

The IntelliOps Advantage | Shaping value-based business outcomes with advanced AIOps

IntelliOps offers a decided advantage over multiple point products as it encapsulates the capabilities of these products in a seamless pre-integrated solution.


Discounted solution offering with a single license

Reduce investments in multiple point products and opt for an end-to-end solution at a discounted rate.


Establish IT as a strategic enablers

Deliver resilient digital services that are tightly aligned to core business objectives.


Pre-integrated with OOB use cases

Access multiple enterprise integrations and OOB use cases for quick and seamless deployment.


Increase business performance & availability

Automate IT resolution and workflows across systems, services, IT operations, and network.


Enable agile business decisions

Gain end-to-end observability across the business and tech landscape, and access real-time reports for faster decision making.


Reduce operating cost

Prevent outages, reduce breaches, and eliminate redundant tools. Also access end-to-end support and upgrades from a single provider.

The IntelliOps Impact | Improving enterprise IT operations and service management

85 %

Improvement in MTTR

20 %

Improvement in SLA compliance

88 %

Improvement in CSAT

25 %

Improvement in asset utilization

The IntelliOps Framework | Enabling AI-driven operational resilience

IntelliOps is a solution that seamlessly integrates to realise the vision of true advanced AIOps. It is genetically developed to accelerate digital growth, manage hybrid IT operations landscapes, and enable digital operations that are tightly coupled with business goals.

- Intelligent Event Management

- Automated Remediation

- Unified Reporting And FinOps

- Cloud Lifecycle Management

- Cognitive Assistant

- Business Flow Observability


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