Transforming service delivery with a comprehensive service catalog in a unified marketplace

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Value delivered by SX

DRYiCE SX connects suppliers and consumers in a unified marketplace, enabling suppliers to publish their services after qualification, and consumers to consume services from any internal or external service provider.
In SX, entitlement by default governs the user’s right to consume a service as opposed to approval-based systems. Service creators are provided with the capability to create self-serviceable actions while publishing content, which enables the user to self-service their needs during service consumption.
SX seamlessly orchestrates different consumable service components across different service originators for automated fulfillment. The catalog content itself is used to route the fulfilment to relevant supply chain roles.

A leading Information Technology Company

DRYiCE SX created and deployed an e-commerce style portal for the procurement division of a leading IT company

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The Book Of Impact

AI foundation for the digital enterprise

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Key Benefits

Configurability to standardize the service ecosystem

Flexible “as-a-service” consumption model driven by demand

Faster consumer adoption

Rapid deployment of applications, improved time to market, and reduction in service delivery cost

Faster isolation for detection of failures

Increased enterprise-user efficiency with self-service capability

Mobile first design allows users to access services on the go

Key Features

Single comprehensive service catalog for all kinds of enterprise services

True self service with best in class user-experience

Perpetual service visibility and subscription lifecycle management

Service order routing and fulfilment orchestration

Knowledge management through published knowledge articles for services and community assistance

Device agnostic with responsive design and intuitive user experience

Multilingual capabilities catering to users in different geographies


Case Study

DRYiCE SX enabled client to increase user efficiency by 50% and saving on hardware cost by 30%

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DRYiCE SX : Replicate the successful model of e-commerce in enterprise IT



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