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Value of SX

DRYiCE SX is a digital-age, cloud-native service catalog aggregation and fulfillment orchestration platform. It is designed to aggregate diversified catalogs for any kind of services from multiple suppliers, at scale in an e-commerce "like" service marketplace. It is a single-stop shop for enterprise users that facilitates request handling of any and all services, providing a unified experience. It helps business leaders in plugging the growing gap between user expectations and actual experience by allowing enterprise suppliers and consumers to connect in an XaaS (Everything as a Service) ecosystem.

A Global Technology Company

DRYiCE SX enabled client to increase user efficiency by 50% and savings on hardware costs by 30%

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The Book Of Impact

AI foundation for the digital enterprise

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Key Benefits

Reduces human error prone manual intervention, rapid deployment of services

Reduces human error prone manual intervention, rapid deployment of services

Minimum Learning Curve, Faster Productivity

Minimum learning curve, faster productivity

Self-Service, Speed to Fulfilment of Requests and Resolution of Tickets

Self-service, speed to fulfilment of requests and resolution of tickets

Current, crowd sourced and Enterprise Community Contribution

Current, crowd sourced and enterprise community contribution

Rapid Application Deployment, Speed to Market

Rapid application deployment, speed to market

Speed and Reliability, Faster Isolation for Detection of Failures

Speed and reliability, faster isolation for detection of failures

Faster Consumer Adoption, Improved User Productivity

Faster consumer adoption, improved user productivity

Reduction in Service Desk Operations; Saving effort, Time, and Money

Reduction in service desk operations; saving effort, time, and money

Key Features

Aggregation and orchestration of diverse services from multiple service originators helping translate business demand into consumable services quickly

Single portal to manage IT/ Non IT service catalog provides unified consistent experience

Perpetual service visibility and subscription management

Catalog aggregation

Micro-service based architecture

Best-in-class, end-user experience, all required market place consumer application features

Intuitive and on any device access

Smart virtual assistant coupled with automated role based routing

Knowledge management through published knowledge articles for services and community assistance


Case Study

DRYiCE SX: Created and deployed an e-commerce style portal for the procurement division of a leading IT company

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DRYiCE SX : Replicate the successful model of e-commerce in enterprise IT


Cloud-native catalogue aggregation and fulfilment orchestration product

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