DRYiCE™ iControl

Business Process Observability Solution for Oil and Gas

Industry Challenge

The Oil and Gas (O&G) industry is going through unprecedented times with plummeting demand and low O&G prices, creating a challenging environment for operators. Companies are renewing focus on containing cost so that they can operate profitably. While tighter cost controls are necessities of current times, companies cannot compromise on the reliability and safety of the operations. To achieve this, O&G companies need to actively monitor the diverse and complex technology landscape of an O&G operator.

O&G industry has a large, complex technology landscape with a mix of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). Data travels from different OT systems monitoring field activities to various IT systems responsible for commercial activities. Failures between different handshakes of these systems lead to delayed or incomplete information which impacts the commercial decision making of the companies

DRYiCE Solution

DRYiCE iControl is an O&G business process observability solution that provides real-time visualization of the full set of business processes, their integration, and associated systems providing IT and Operations a granular view into process capability against key performance indicators and defined service level agreements. It regulates the health of business processes with IT data, identifies potential process optimization areas, predicts and analyzes the business impact of any modifications made to the process. iControl helps in identifying dependencies and failure points of data handoffs between different systems, provides a near real-time monitoring system, creates alerts and notifications leading to a substantial reduction in issue resolution time. This improves the availability and reliability of critical OT and IT systems supporting business operations.

iControl is embedded with industry process intelligence and is backed by HCL’s experience in delivering business process services to O&G companies. We have funneled years of industry expertise gained while managing some of the industry’s largest IT infrastructures into creating a product that provides an end-to-end view and actionable intelligence for forecasting and resolving possible risks.

Value delivered

  • Proactive identifications of issues and problems
  • Reduced inspection time and actionable impact assessment
  • Faster defect resolution rates
  • Reduced manual errors and subjectivity
  • Intelligent, real-time, and actionable insights
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Reduction in unplanned downtime or outages
  • Meeting compliances and regulations
  • Meeting commercial obligations with partners

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