Driving Business Goals with Observability

Modern IT systems are complex with several technologies, multiple applications, and vast amounts of data. While several monitoring tools help engineers observe and analyze application performance data and provide a view of the IT technology stack, they don’t add business context to such monitoring.

Without sufficient business context, it is impossible to derive meaningful insights from the monitored data on improving customer experience or business growth. Rising cost complexities, interconnected systems, and mounting regulatory pressures only make it imperative to know what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how it will affect a business in real-time.

Ensuring you can observe all the different metrics across technology and business and relate them to your business process flow performance is critical to gauge performance. It helps detect and troubleshoot the root cause of an issue or preventing a problem from taking place. That’s where observability serves its purpose.

DRYiCE™ Software, in collaboration with E2Tech, has prepared this research whitepaper to help businesses unlock the many potentials of observability and its impact on business process monitoring. Our goal is to help enterprise leadership realize the benefits of reimagining their existing process monitoring systems to incorporate observability as a built-in capability for all business processes to get real-time insights on business process flow and customer experience.

Download the whitepaper to know more.


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