DRYiCE™ iControl

Business Process Observability Solution for Energy and Utilities

Industry Challenge

Today, Energy and Utilities industry needs to offer better customer service to meet changing demands and  evolving consumer behavior. This must be achieved at a lower operating cost and under tighter regulatory frameworks facing utilities across the globe.

Many enterprises operate in a heterogeneous environment wherein integration of billing, service delivery, asset management, and back-office solutions are limited. This is compounded by the limited functionality of many of these systems and their inflexibility in terms of knowing the performance of each system and predicting any future breakdowns. As a result, utilities often suffer from significant operational constraints and increased operational costs.

DRYiCE Product

DRYiCE iControl (iControl) is an Energy and Utilities Business Observability solution that provides real-time visualization of the full set of business processes, their integration, and associated systems, providing IT and Operations a granular view into process capability against key performance indicators and defined service level agreements. With iControl, stakeholders can improve the decision making process of various business functions like Revenue Cycle Management, Asset Management, Network Management, and many more. It regulates the health of business process with IT data, predicts and analyzes the business impact of any modifications made to the process, and identifies potential optimization opportunities for the processes.

iControl is embedded with industry process intelligence and is backed by decades of HCL’s experience in delivering business process services to Energy and Utilities industry. We have funneled decades of industry expertise gained while managing some of the industry’s largest IT infrastructures into creating a product that provides an end-to-end view and actionable intelligence for forecasting and resolving possible risks.

Value Delivered

  • Energy savings
  • Debt management
  • Reduced delinquency
  • Shorter collection cycle
  • Optimized investment forecast
  • Customer satisfaction and retention
  • Meeting regulatory compliance
  • Optimum usage of appliances
  • Planned consumption budget

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