Our Mission

To be the AI foundation for the digital enterprise

DRYiCE™ is a dedicated and rapidly growing organic software division of HCL that delivers best-in-class implementations of AI for enterprises. Our exclusive products and platforms enable enterprises to operate in a leaner, faster, and cost-efficient manner, while ensuring superior business outcomes.

Value delivered by DRYiCE

The ever-shifting market conditions and volatile customer demands makes it imperative for enterprises to not only adapt to the changing landscape but also proactively stand up to the challenges by using IT as a strategic partner rather than an enabler. In this agile digital world, AI and Automation are going to be the key competitive differentiators as they enable enterprises to improve business outcomes and reduce costs.

DRYiCE is the answer to our customer’s Automation and AI-based transformation initiatives. Our products are backed by over 8 years of research, partnership, and IP creation. They offer holistic benefits in cloud management, virtual assistance, workplace optimization, end-to-end automation, business process optimization and service orchestration. They are well equipped to meet diverse business requirements as we go forward into the age of AI and Automation, with enterprises increasingly adopting them as crucial business drivers for next-gen outcomes.

Open Platform

DRYiCE is built grounds-up to be an open platform and a “broker” of AI technology for enterpries.


The modular architecture ensures that the right components are deployed at the right time and place to ensure real-world benefits without any risk of performance loss.

Enterprise Ready

The Pragmatic approach of DRYiCE implementations ensures that we establish the foundation IT systems to make your Enterprise IT “Automation Ready”.




The Alconics

Best AI Innovator 2016 and 2017

The Open Group

Winner President's Award'18

The Open Group

Winner Award of Distinction'19


Patent 1: 9111235

Method and system to evaluate risk of configuration changes in an information system

Patent 2: 9594756

Automated ranking of contributors to a knowledge base

Patent 3: 10545733

Code reusability

Patent 4: 1067151

Automated bug fixing

Partner with Us

At DRYiCE, we have established cross-domain strategic relationships to augment the efficacy and reach of our products & platforms. We leverage partner expertise to deliver advanced solutions for information lifecycle management, next-generation data-centers, core infrastructure delivery, and Cloud computing. Our multifaceted, “go-to-market” collaborations ensure unwavering focus on direct business outcomes and user experiences for enterprises transitioning to digital.

Please send us an email at dryicemarketing@hcl.com or fill out the form