Customer expectations are increasingly driving new products and services in the Fintech world. In this fast-changing environment, enterprises need to ensure these new products and services are monitored effectively. Smooth operations and minimal disruptions are desired to ensure potential issues are flagged before they occur.

DRYiCE™ Software has proven expertise to tackle these challenges with its strong technology capabilities along with business and domain knowledge.

Our solutions deliver manifold value for our customers:

  • Enable operations staff to identify transaction problems as they happen, drill down to uncover root cause and respond to issues relating to excessive denials, transaction failures, or response time.
  • Produce extensive availability and service-time analysis, so the operations team can set SLAs based on historical data and receive alerts about situations that have the potential to impact the SLAs.
  • Alert administrators when a problem occurs – before customers or merchants call to complain. This helps them in solving problems before it becomes widespread.