DRYiCE™ iControl

Business Process Observability Solution for Healthcare

Industry Challenge

Healthcare enterprises operate multiple IT systems that are spread across various business functions. Each business function conducts siloed monitoring leading to a disjointed process and disparate data flow view at the enterprise level. In this scenario, turning healthcare enterprises into a consumer-centric venture is difficult.

Healthcare enterprises need to develop intelligent and tailored services for every patient.

Healthcare systems that provide end-to-end visibility into the business processes that govern patient care will be in the vanguard of changes in this industry. These systems will help bolster customer satisfaction and prevent any negative consequences in delivering patient care.

DRYiCE Solution

DRYiCE iControl is a healthcare business process observability solution that can effectively trace and track technical and business processes to proactively detect issues before they reach end-users – the Members and the Providers. Business process observability, enabled by iControl, goes beyond the traditional monitoring to provide organizations with 24/7 real-time visibility, intelligent analytics, and a granular view into the Business Processes to ensure smooth operation of the organization’s critical business flows, hence improving the end-user satisfaction considerably

iControl is pre-configured with flows for critical business processes for both Payers and Providers, and these flows can be tailored to suit the customer requirements. It’s a watchdog for the accuracy of business process, predicts and analyzes the business impact of any modifications made to the process or any impending failures in the system, and identifies the potential process failure steps.

Value Delivered

  • Improves Member, Payer, and Provider experience by ensuring application stability and continuity
  • Proactive identification of performance bottlenecks
  • End-to-end view of system health along with connectivity to upstream/downstream interfaces
  • Granular visibility into application and infrastructure landscape
  • Reduces upfront cost of automation
  • Improves stability and MTTR (Mean Time to Response)
  • Proactive detection of business-critical issues and reduced MTTI (Mean Time to Identify)
  • Rapid agreement between business and IT on root cause identification
  • Consistently meets regulatory performance needs
  • Reduces IT and business manual workarounds
  • Provides transparency on agreed performance statistics for both IT and business
  • Identifies business process areas which are prone to risks

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