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Value delivered by MyXalytics

DRYiCE MyXalytics ingests data from multiple enterprise tools, creates insightful and intuitive reports, and projects the results, tailored and configurable in role-based dashboards. It provides a unified view of the entire IT operations environment with the capability to make informed decisions to reduce risk, enhance performance & efficiency, and control cost. MyXalytics's predictive analytics capabilities help organizations avoid business-critical incidents and disruptions. Stay on top of your cloud spending with MyXalytics FINOPS module and get the flexibility to define and design custom reports leveraging the GUI based data analyzer and report builder.

The World's Largest Metal and Mining Company

Implemented algorithm based predictive analytics for the client, resulted to 80% reduction in SLA breaches

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The Book of Impact

The AI foundation for the digital enterprise

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Key Benefits

Enhance performance & efficiency

Optimize resource performance and utilization to boost overall performance and productivity

Reduce risk

Predict and prevent critical incidents and change failures which may cause business disruptions

Reduce cost of operations

Get clear visibility of probable SLA breaches and bottlenecks to avoid cost spikes due to penalties and delay in business deliverables

Increased availability

Application down visibility until the lowest layer of observability helps prevent unplanned downtime and increase availability

Automation first approach

Automate reporting completely and download the required reports in the format of choice, saving on the time, effort and cost spent if done manually. The risk of human errors in reporting becomes zero

Continuous improvement

A unified view of entire IT environment and holistic monitoring ensures continuous identification of gaps to drive continuous service improvement

Enhanced user experience

A role-based, configurable dashboard that focuses users on the critical IT elements impacting their deliverables and away from areas of less importance

Key Features

Pre-configured dashboards, views

Rich repository of pre-configured reports and dashboards covering almost all key KPIs required for IT operations

Ecosystem wide integration

Get consolidated views from multiple data sources and tools like network monitoring, event management, ITSM, application monitoring, server monitoring tools and more

Predictive analytics & forecasting

Insightful reports including; trending analytics, SLA breach prediction, change failure prediction, capacity forecasting, resource performance and multiple other areas

Report scheduling

Reports get delivered directly to your mailbox at user-defined intervals in a format of your choice, in all time zones

Configurable drill down and drill through capability

Up to three levels of drill down & drill through capability providing in-depth analysis and visibility of levels that needs attention and action

Report cloning

Clone a report and customize as required. Publish it on your dashboard or share it with other team members

Role based access control

Restrict the usage and viewing rights as per defined roles and organization policies to ensure information security and adherence to organization’s usage & access policies

One click download

You can download the dashboard or report of your choice in the format or your choice. MyXalytics supports most of the standard formats including .pdf, .ppt, .xls & .csv

Report builder console

A UI driven console with drag & drop functionality that allows you to build custom reports from conditioned data

Exception management

Automate and customize the SLA approval process, if required

Single sign on support

Integrates with and supports organizations’ SSO mechanism and policy

FINOPS module

Single dashboard for managing multiple transactional activities in a Cloud environment including but not limited to- defining budget, discounting, organization hierarchy update etc. along with the flexibility to get a multi-currency view

Smart data archival

Actively utilize archived data for an on-demand reporting on past data with no time delays

Configurable filters

Custom define and finalize the filters to be applied on a dashboard to get the required and dissected view of data

Trigger based communication

Define conditions, which when met, MyXalytics would a trigger a communication to identified stakeholders


Case Study

DRYiCE MyXalytics enhanced the reporting and analytics landscape of a Fortune 500 food and beverage company, resulting in 100% reduction of manual reporting

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DRYiCE- The AI foundation for the digital enterprise


DRYiCE MyXalytics

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