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Unified reporting and dashboarding product

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Value of MyXalytics

DRYiCE MyXalytics is a reporting and dashboarding product that provides a custom-tailored bird’s eye view of operations by capturing the raw data from multiple tools/solutions and converting that into an intuitive and insightful report. While being capable of enabling effective and informed decision making in an organization, it also provides predictive analytics on IT service management data.

The World's Largest Metal and Mining Company

Implemented algorithm based predictive analytics for the client, resulted to 80% reduction in SLA breaches

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The Book of Impact

The AI foundation for the digital enterprise

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Key Benefits

Improve Resource Productivity and Performance

Improve resource productivity and performance

Monitor and Continuously Improve IT Performance

Monitor and continuously improve IT performance

Stronger Compliance and Governance

Stronger compliance and governance

Enhance User Experience

Enhance user experience

Improved Business Efficiency

Improved business efficiency

Early Diagnosis of Issues

Early diagnosis of issues

Key Features

Pre-configured dashboards, views and widgets

Role based access control

Integration with multiple data sources

Personal workspace for creating custom dashboards

Configurable drill down and drill through capability

Report scheduling

Report cloning and sharing

Support for various formats


Case Study

DRYiCE MyXalytics enhanced the reporting and analytics landscape of a Fortune 500 food and beverage company, resulting in 100% reduction of manual reporting

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DRYiCE : The AI foundation for the digital enterprise


DRYiCE MyXalytics

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