Next generation business flow intelligence

The Financial Services industry is increasingly competitive, with new start-ups and technologies ceaselessly disrupting long established business models. Add to this the growing volume and frequency of new products launched in the market and the stringent regulatory environment, and we have a very complex landscape that needs to be mitigated with sound judgement and alert decision making.

Often organizations deploy Business Process Management (BPM) tools to provide them with actionable insights and process performance statistics. However, these BPM tools are usually not integrated across the organization and most report issues post occurrence, leaving financial companies at risk from a business and compliance perspective.

In order to combat these risks and improve efficiency, Financial Services institutions need a way to efficiently monitor processes in real time. DRYiCE iControl was specifically designed to provide companies with an end-to-end view of business processes so they know when and where things are going wrong. By creating meaningful views for both business and IT operations, iControl helps companies respond quickly and effectively to issues as they occur.

iControl is an end-to-end intelligent and predictive business process flow monitoring solution, giving real time performance and impact. It is an Operational Intelligence product which enables powerful horizontal process flow visibility. It gives deep, granular and highly customizable insight into various process parameters, as various events in the process chain occur.

Download the whitepaper to know how iControl can help organizations generate business flow intelligence.


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