AI-enabled cognitive virtual assistant


Value delivered by Lucy

DRYiCE Lucy is an AI powered cognitive assistant, automated to communicate in human voice or chat. Mimicking human interaction, Lucy learns and adapts to your needs through smart conversations by leveraging enterprise grade Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Lucy interacts in the way your clients wish to consume the information they need, helping you accelerate time to value, reduce human error and increase productivity. It has been enabled for 600+ business and IT use cases, a subset of which is available OOB and comes along with a cognitive console for enabling powerful integrations.

In the time of global pandemic caused by COVID-19, enterprises are currently focusing on seamless transitioning of operations, with employees working remotely. Operations are now more digitally enabled than ever before. However, this has had a telling impact on the end-users who now have more questions than ever before. AI-driven automation is the answer and a faster time-to-value is the key to seamless operational maneuvering during this time of inordinate uncertainties.

With DRYiCE Lucy, enterprises can:

  • Handle the influx of user queries and concurrent users reducing service desk costs up to 30%

  • Eliminate re-skilling costs as DRYiCE Lucy is trained on a variety of business use cases across industry domains

  • Enable omni channel capabilities to bring down the cost of streamlining and standardizing various channels individually

  • Ensure high service availability and rule out the risk of declining CSAT index

  • Facilitate the ability to handle influx of varying concurrent issues, improving SLA adherence up to 30%, thus reducing the risk of SLA breaches and resulting incidents

  • Improve adherence to enterprise-grade security parameters to ensure secured conversations and mitigate data privacy risks and data breaches

  • Enable automated response to routine customer queries and focus on higher-value interactions and deliver 30% in first-call-resolution

  • Pro-actively communicate through ‘Push Notifications’ and ‘Announcements’ ensuring enhanced customer experience and improved CSAT by 90-95%


Reduce costs

Handle the influx of user queries and concurrent users to reduce up to 30% of service desk costs

Mitigate risks

Reduce the risk of customer attrition due to poor customer experience, risk of overdependence on Subject Matter Expert (SME), and the risk of Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaches. Improve CSAT by upto 90% and SLA adherence upto 30% through a conversational experience

Drive efficiency

Automate routine customer questions and focus on higher-value interactions with First Call Resolution (FCR) improvement up to 30%

Rapid implementation

Rapid implementation in customer environment powered by Out-of-the-Box (OTB) integration adapters and content packs


  • Context switching

    Multi-level context switching for seamless conversational experience

  • On-demand scalability

    SaaS availability for providers to create multiple customer instances

  • Omnichannel

    Omnichannel capability through various OTB communication channel adapters

  • OTB integrations

    OTB third party integration adapters with ITSM/ERP/RPA and CRM providers

  • Multilingual

    Multilingual abilities to converse with users in their native language

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Industry standard security mechanism and protocols available

  • Flexible billing

    OTB billing templates with customization capabilities

  • OTB content packs

    OTB multi-domain conversation packs

  • Product consoles

    GUI-driven consoles for product maintenance, administration, and training

2.1 Mn.

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Active Use cases



A cognitive virtual assistant

Case study

Transforming the Digital Workplace at Mondelez International: An exclusive case study by IDC featuring DRYiCE Lucy and DRYiCE OptiBot

DRYiCE Lucy delivers 98% customer satisfaction rating for a FMCG company

DRYiCE Lucy enhanced user experience and created an efficient information retrieval engine for a Finnish industrial machinery company


DRYiCE Lucy offers unbound support, and delivers human like responses to all enterprise requests


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