Observability key to the Enterprise Control Center

At the advent of the past decade, businesses were fixated on optimizing two variables - time and costs. However, the modern-day business needs to do much more in order to be successful, and more importantly, thrive. Modern businesses create value through multiple steps that bounce across teams, systems and geographies before coming to a completion. However, few players can claim that they have complete visibility across their value chain, or understand how the various digital systems work to create interdependence across their business checkpoints. In fact, a number of operational, efficiency, and customer experience challenges afflict the modern-day business processes.

With these factors in mind and the rising need for certainty, consistency, and excellence in service, we need to be able to observe our business from a control tower. In essence, a control tower enables businesses to drill down in real-time into issues, failures, and statuses across the myriad of digital systems that are orchestrated by multiple teams empowering the business delivery.

Enterprise Control Center by DRYiCE iControl helps businesses visualize process flows end-to-end and maps critical business KPIs and Controls against each business flow step to gain end-to-end visibility. Providing the right information to the business operations for fast decisions. The result is a highly intelligent visibility system that can instantly help business owners see as to why orders are getting delayed, or revenues dropping despite a healthy subscriber base, or why disputes with the clients are rising in numbers.

Download the whitepaper to know how iControl can help business leaders to visualize the end-to-end state of their organizations.


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