The Energy and Utilities landscape is evolving swiftly. Rapid privatization of a traditional public sector, new regulatory and compliance policies, advent of disruptive technologies, customer demand for a better experience, and emergence of new players in the market are key drivers to the industry’s structural transformation. To keep pace with these changes, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers need to reinvent historic business models, gain better business insights and operational effectiveness.

Today, the industry is heavily engaged in various technology and business transformation initiatives. Our rich domain experience coupled with capabilities in technologies such as Automation, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Process Monitoring helps enterprises take a giant leap forward in their transformation journey.

DRYiCE solutions deliver manifold value for our customers:

  • Proactive identification of problems
  • Reduced inspection time and actionable impact assessment
  • Faster defect resolution rates
  • Reduced manual errors and subjectivity
  • Intelligent, real-time, and actionable insights
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Meeting compliance and regulations
  • Improved customer satisfaction and service reliability
  • Reduction in unplanned downtime or outages