Healthcare enterprises are continuously aiming to create and foster innovations that accelerate time-to-market, reduce real-world costs, and improve patient care.  With the central objective of optimizing health outcomes, healthcare enterprises must meet high-reliability standards to ensure compliance with industry regulations and their own best practices to prevent complications.

However significant M&A, divestiture, and unstructured growth have driven several global healthcare enterprises to function in a heterogeneous IT environment. This necessitates the adoption of modern technological advancements like AI Ops, Intelligent Automation, Cloud, IoT, Cognitive Assistance, and Business Process Flow Monitoring.

At DRYiCE, we combine our deep industry expertise with transformational product design ideology to:

  • Streamline healthcare workflow and operations across departments
  • Improve member and provider satisfaction and service level by increasing the efficiency of service-related processes
  • Increase adherence to SLAs, KPIs, healthcare regulations and compliance to reduce enterprise vulnerability
  • Generate actionable insights across various towers of Payer and Provider systems
  • Aid intelligent decisions through real-time insight into key metrics, proactive alerts, and notifications about key performance indicators
  • Assess process risks efficiently, preserving financial resources, and maintaining a patient-centric architecture