DRYiCE MyCloud

Hybrid Cloud lifecycle management product


Value delivered by MyCloud

DRYiCE MyCloud is a proactive multi-Cloud, lifecycle management product that empowers organizations to govern, provision, monitor and manage Cloud infrastructure. It combines data exploration and data visualization in an easy-to-use application to enable effective analysis and actionable insights for IaaS and PaaS. The data-driven recommendations and advisories from MyCloud ensure continuous optimization of the Cloud environment across areas including cost, performance, security, and utilization.


Reduce costs

Higher cost savings enabled by process standardization and automation; provide visibility into virtual assets usage and cost obligations to key custodians; optimize virtual asset utilization to avoid cost leakages

Mitigate risks

Improve performance, fault tolerance, and compliance of systems and services through proactive advisories; transform human-driven process to Automation-driven and eliminate manual error; mitigate security risks based on system-driven suggestions

Drive efficiency

Reduce VM provisioning cycle by up to 85%; achieve up to 50% faster deployment of services through automation


  • Provisioning and auto-decommissioning

    Provisioning of IaaS and PaaS services in a multi-cloud environment, through an intuitive self-service catalog and auto-decommissioning post a defined interval to avoid cost leakages

  • Metering, billing, and showback

    Track utilization of resources across business units, enabling transparency and visibility

  • Advisory and recommendation

    Proactive recommendations around cost optimization, fault tolerance, performance, and security

  • Policy-driven orchestration

    Be in control of your cloud orchestration ecosystem aligned to your organizational policies

  • Dynamic UI

    Flexibility to customize the service request form templates to capture configuration parameters while placing provisioning requests

  • Dynamic process workflow

    Enable automation of generic and custom tasks like installing agents, machine cloning, etc. with support for parallel execution of tasks

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Ensure security of end-to-end Cloud management and orchestration ecosystem through various mechanisms

  • Forecasting and RI recommendation

    Enable cost optimization and resource utilization by analyzing the past usage patterns and recommending the most optimal resource types on AWS and Azure

  • Compliance reporting

    Enables validation, compliance, and security of public Cloud environment (AWS and Azure) as per HIPAA policies

  • Script Library

    Create new or  leverage out-of-the-box scripts in process workflows across environments


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Case study

DRYiCE MyCloud reduces VM readiness cycle from 3 days to 2.5 hours for a Fortune 500 company

DRYiCE MyCloud enables automated server provisioning for a Fortune 2000 forest industry company

DRYiCE MyCloud reduced server provisioning time for a Fortune 500 mining company from 21 days to less than 4 hours


Resolve the challenges posed by a multi-Cloud environment with DRYiCE MyCloud


DRYiCE MyCloud


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