Product Name DRYiCE ROAR
Version Number R11
Release Summary

This release of DRYiCE ROAR includes enhancements in the Onboarding, Normalization, Aggregation, and Reconciliation modules.

New Features and Enhancements

With this release, we have introduced new features such as the capability to auto-resend password reset email on expiry of the initial email, upload, and validation of input files on a single screen, and the auto-deletion of files upon failure of import and validate jobs.

Furthermore, we have enabled google charts on the OOB reports and significantly reduced the cycle times on merged jobs to improve user productivity and experience.


The Onboarding module is used to onboard new organizations onto ROAR, users, define datasets, define rules, etc.

  • The "Import and Validate" UI has been modified to include the upload and validate files option on the same page instead of navigating to separate pages for the tasks. This will increase the ease of use and improve efficiency. 
  • The Notification Engine (NE) has been replaced with Cognito for triggering email notifications to new users once their accounts have been successfully created on ROAR. This removes the single point of failure in NE and ensures all notifications are delivered without fail.

  • The API configured to auto-resend the password reset e-mail upon the expiry of the initial e-mail removes the need to re-raise the request after the expiry of the initial email and increases user convenience.      


The Normalization module validates incoming data and replaces the alternate representations of a configuration item (CI):

  • Upon failure of an “Import and Validate” job, all the unnecessary files will be auto-deleted. This will free up storage, ensure faster processing, and enable best practices by discarding irrelevant files.

  • The capability to auto-remove blank spaces in the CSV file name while executing the “Import and Validate” job function removes the need for manual corrections. This will increase the efficiency and speed of job execution.       


The Aggregation module identifies potential validated records from different sources for merging to remove duplication and create a clean and accurate record database called the Golden Dataset. The following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • The application of a pre-set date (company-specific) format to all view screens/downloads in ROAR will standardize the data format across all screens and reports, thus providing a consistent user experience.  

  • The introduction of performance tuning measures has helped to reduce the cycle time of merged jobs, thus enhancing the efficiency of the tool. 


In resource unit (RU) computation, the billing components in the environment are identified by pairing the resource components (asset or CI) with a resource unit, which is the closest match as per the provided contractual definition. The following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • The following OOB reports have been revamped with the introduction of Google charts: 
    • CI-RU Mapping Report
    • CMDB vs System Conflicts Report
    • CI Source Count Report with status
    • Unbilled CI Report 
    • CI Ownership Report 
    • ARC /RRC Report
    • Duplicate CI Report
    This will provide enhanced visibility and flexibility as users will be able to configure different types of reports according to their business/operational requirements.

Overall product enhancements

  • Upon hovering the cursor over uploaded files, the names associated with the files will get auto-displayed on the UI. This will make it easier to identify missing or duplicate files from the list of downloaded files, thus increasing the ease of use. 

About ROAR

DRYiCE ROAR creates a single source of truth by processing data in the IT environment from multiple IT and OT tools in the enterprise, which can drive the accuracy of downstream applications by removing data reliability issues.


For product-related inquiries, please reach us at [email protected]