Product Name DRYiCE AEX
Version Number 1.1
Release Month October , 2021
Release Summary

We are constantly working to improve your experience with DRYiCE AEX. This release puts employee experience in the forefront and introduces multiple value driving capabilities. Here’s a summary of what has changed in the last quarter:

New Features and Enhancements

Here’s a summary of what has been introduced in DRYiCE AEX v1.1 release:

  • Configured 200+ Out-of-the-box IT use cases: We have configured 200+ out-of-the-box IT use cases which users can anytime access and leverage to self-help themselves. These use cases provide a detailed and enriched knowledge repository that can be accessed anytime for support on most common user issues.
  • Chatbot Widget: The chatbot is now available as a pop-up widget on the enterprise marketplace to provide end-users the option of choosing medium of interaction based on their preference. This will allow them to have a seamless experience while using the application.

  • Multi lingual capability in French & German: Users will now be able to converse in the language of their preference that will facilitate ease of product adoption for globally dispersed teams

  • ITSM Ticket management via Cognitive Virtual Assistant: Users can now easily perform actions on their ITSM tickets in a conversation like experience:

    • Track and perform relevant action (Accept/ Reject/ Refer Back) on items pending for approval
    • View and order items in the shopping cart
    • Check ticket status
    • Provide feedback on closed tickets
    • Cancel & reopen tickets
  • Chatbot to live agent transfer: Chat conversation in AEX are now powered with seamless transfer from chatbot to live agent on the same window for uninterrupted user support and real-time assistance.
  • Teams channel for Cognitive Virtual Assistant: To provision a truly omni-channel experience, users can now chat with the CVA using Teams channel as well.

  • User authentication token for information transfer: User authentication has been enabled to make sure that the user credentials are passed from the marketplace to the chatbot as soon as the user logs in to the AEX portal. The token with user details is passed so that the their preferences are retained across the platform and they are not required to enter information repeatedly.

  • Monitoring of AEX Instance: Monitoring feature has been enabled for the AEX application to track instance performance in real-time

About AEX

DRYiCE AEX is an end-to-end digital workplace solution that transforms employee experience and fosters productivity while optimizing costs through AI, automation, and self-help capabilities.

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