Navigating the aftermath of COVID-19 with DRYiCE™ Software

Delivering higher efficiency at reduced cost while mitigating business risks

Reshaping Today, for a Secure Tomorrow

The global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has had a telling impact on the world. Governments and international advisory bodies have taken strict measures to contain the contagion, including a blanket lockdown across nations. Mobility has taken a hit and workplaces have shut indefinitely.

“Most companies have publicly announced they will miss their financial goals, most will experience the combined impact of supply chain disruptions and dampened customer demand”, Gartner Coronavirus: CIO Areas of Focus During the COVID-19 Outbreak, March 6, 2020.

Amidst the crisis, enterprises need to carve out a New Normal for businesses that can be implemented now and prepare them for any future eventualities. This changing paradigm will squarely hinge on the enterprises’ agility and preparedness to face challenges of this nature and scale.

The CIO’s Challenge

In such a New Normal, CIOs will have their tasks cut out and will play an increasingly crucial role in their enterprises’ overall wellbeing. CIOs will have to take a more proactive approach with their business and digital strategies. IT Operations professionals are under more pressure today than ever before.

CIOs will be chartered with providing technology for the New Normal while managing cost, efficiency but most importantly mitigating risk while delivering.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

As technologies make rapid progress in almost all fields of operations, one of the key tasks of a CIO is to ensure an incremental reduction in costs. The New Normal will dictate the optimal use of technology to attain cost-efficiency; AI and Automation will be integral to growth. Implementing AI and automating IT operations with AI Ops products, and adopting Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) will be paramount to business growth and sustainability.

Efficiency Enhancement

Efficiency Enhancement

CIOs are also tasked with the responsibility of designing IT initiatives that ensure optimal productivity and enhanced efficiency. The New Normal will be reliant on human-machine synergies. With technological innovations expected to speed up, thanks to the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 disruption, and smart automation growing in impact, operational models will have to be re-strategized and human resources utilized intelligently around machines.

Partnering with DRYiCE Software to Navigate the New Normal

DRYiCE Software is at the forefront of innovation focused on the New Normal. We offer robust software products for digital workplaces. As the global disruption teaches us some significant lessons, DRYiCE products make a definitive impact on future initiatives undertaken by enterprises.

Software of the Future

Any CIO looking to accelerate their digital transformation journey, especially in this changing paradigm, will require future-proof solutions. DRYiCE Software offers that and more.

DRYiCE iAutomate

DRYiCE iAutomate is an AI-led run book automation solution that can enable CIOs to automate runbooks driving higher efficiency and resilience in their environment.


DRYiCE Lucy is a leading Cognitive Virtual Assistant that comes bundled with over 1800 ready to implement use cases that can lower the IT service desk burden immediately.

DRYiCE OptiBot

DRYiCE OptiBot is an end-point solution that can be implemented very quickly to avoid the overloading of IT Service Desk and support teams.


DRYiCE Software offers robust products based on next-gen technologies for digital workplaces. DRYiCE Software is perpetually energizing businesses with the help of AI Ops-enabled products. As CIOs and company leadership brace for an industrial transformation, it is their innovative vision that will set them apart from their competitors. In DRYiCE Software, they can find a complementary partner to achieve their digital transformation objectives.

There are five key differentiators that sets DRYiCE Software apart and allow our products to provide an edge to our clients:

  • First and foremost, HCL’s in-depth domain knowledge across industries, dedicated, highly skilled development teams, agile processes, and new-age innovation centers help us build products that could solve issues that global enterprises are struggling with.
  • Secondly, our products focus on resolving specific enterprise issues. Each DRYiCE Software product delivers one specific solution and is the best in class. Whether you choose our automation solution, DRYiCE iAutomate or our cognitive virtual assistant, DRYiCE Lucy, we are at the top of the chain.
  • The third differentiator is that our products stem preparedness and instill self-sufficiency. DRYiCE Software products offer complete control to the user as far as the level of automation and degree of AI implementation is concerned. Whether the users are at 70% of their AI implementation journey or at 10%, our products are designed to accommodate both.
  • The fourth differentiator is the years of research that supports all our products. The depth of our experience relies on our inherent will to research as well as our partnership with leading AI labs at MIT and Stanford. This provides us with the requisite insight to create future-ready products which can scale with the enterprise.
  • Finally, DRYiCE Software products address all core areas of AI and Automation. Our products form an entire stack of solutions that powers the digital transformation journey of an enterprise.

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