The advent of next generation technologies and the growing movement to be ‘Digital Ready’ has resulted in rapid adoption of latest technologies in the business landscape of several organizations. The IT constitution of the organization needs to be in sync with this motion so that a holistic approach towards technology changes can be enabled.

DRYiCE has carved out sate of art software products which ensure that your IT Ops is in sync with your technology strategy. Our exclusive products and platforms help enterprises operate in a leaner, faster, and cost-efficient manner while ensuring the achievement of business outcomes.

We are sponsoring the Gartner IOPS Conference in London at platinum level this year. Meet our experts to understand how DRYiCE can facilitate a digital journey for your enterprise by integrating IT and business into a single view.

We will be showcasing some of our premium products at the Conference:

DRYiCE SX: DRYiCE SX is a cloud-native catalogue aggregation and fulfilment orchestration product. It is targeted for various services from multiple suppliers in a unified ecommerce-style service marketplace. It also includes our self-learning, cognitive assistant to maximize productivity while reducing cost.

DRYiCE iAutomate: DRYiCE iAutomate brings in the power of AI, ML, and NLP for smart runbook automation through extensive use of proprietary NLP algorithms and knowledge analysis in conjunction with orchestration engines. It provides robust, end-to-end incident remediation and task automation across the infrastructure and applications landscape by leveraging a repository of configurable and reusable runbooks.

DRYiCE Lucy: DRYiCE Lucy is an advanced cognitive virtual assistant. An enterprise-proven product which could automate industry-wide use cases through smart conversations, by leveraging enterprise-grade Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. DRYiCE Lucy has been trained for more than 600 business and IT use cases, a subset of which is available OOB along with a cognitive console for enabling powerful integrations.

DRYiCE MyCloud: DRYiCE MyCloud is a hybrid lifecycle management product. It combines data exploration and data visualization to enable proactive analysis and actionable insights resulting in continuous optimization of enterprise cloud environments across areas including cost, performance, security, and utilization.