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Enterprises are currently focused on seamlessly transitioning their operations to a remote working model and responding to what is now the New Normal. Leaders are finding their enterprises on back-foot as both tools and processes have been found wanting as workforces turn homeward. Apart from the obvious impact on business continuity, the distributed operating locations and multiple devices have caused a massive overload on support desk queues.

Enterprises can optimize their digital workplace and enable self-service through DRYiCE OptiBot, an employee enablement and workplace optimization software that pre-emptively resolves various common system and application issues through unassisted automation. OptiBot focuses on enhancing UX and making work life simpler while reducing the burden on IT. It minimizes calls to the IT Support function by pre-emptively resolving various commonly occurring system or application issues through unassisted automation, delivering a unique feature we refer to as ‘Sense Heal’.

OptiBot consists of five modules - Healing, Knowledge, Reset, App, and Live. It is also bundled with a Behavior Change Management program designed and developed for millennials to improve their efficiency, adoption rate and overall workplace satisfaction.

The Healing module is a self-service tool that automates routine computer maintenance, so the end-user devices keep running like new even as they age. It can yield up to 20% reduction in IT support cost and save up to 7000 man-hours per annum by conserving user’s time loss on non-core remediation activities.

The Knowledge module empowers users to address their most common issues unaided, either by accessing knowledge articles or by interacting with our Cognitive Virtual Assistant, DRYiCE Lucy for resolving ‘how-to’ queries. Users are less reliant on the service desk and end up saving 5% to 7% of support costs.

The Reset module is a password reset tool that allows an end-user to self-reset their password remotely from Optibot’s console or a web browser without calling the helpdesk. This reduces Average Handling Time and enhances the end-user experience while realizing up to 17% reduction in support costs and saving up to 5000 man-hours per annum.

The App store houses enterprise applications that can be delivered in real-time and installed in one-click. This reduces the volume of App request tickets by 70%, saving up to 1000 man-hours per annum and improving MTTR.

The Live module offers chat as a collaborative medium to reach service desk with the ability to integrate with enterprise IM solution thereby providing end-users seamless single-click access to the service desk. Users are empowered with a non-intrusive support channel that allows them to be more productive and reduces dependency on language-specific resources as the chat medium furnishes real-time translations.


Cost savings on IT support

Employee productivity improvement

End user experience enhancement

Process automation for operational efficiency

Facilitates remote working


  • Sense Heal

  • Enterprise appstore

  • Password reset

  • Auto ticketing through ITSM integration

  • Integration with DRYiCE Lucy

  • Chat enabled IT support

  • Alert’s broadcast

  • Application protection

  • Enterprise knowledge management

  • One-click solution


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Optimize digital workplace and enable self-service through DRYiCE OptiBot, an employee enablement and workplace optimization software

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DRYiCE OptiBot


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