An IT operating model transformation

HCL Global IT provides an array of support application and IT services to more than 132,000 employees across 44 countries. Digitization is driving the proliferation of Cloud and Mobility and is causing IT organizations to reconsider their IT Operating Model to accommodate both the digital workforce and new service delivery models.

HCL Global IT needed to better understand the business requirements and expectations from IT that will support the organization to achieve agility and speed. To this end, HCL Global IT required a unified and sophisticated IT Operating Model to support businesses on their Digital Transformation path. Therefore, DRYiCE aligned its product and services to the IT4IT value stream-based IT Reference Architecture and developed a product, DRYiCE SX that has the capability to address customer-specific issues and challenges. To exploit the rapid pace of disruptive IT innovation, DRYiCE chose to adopt The Open Group IT4IT Reference Architecture to design and develop its XaaS-based (Everything as a Service) product and service offering.


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