Product Name DRYiCE SX
Version Number R5
Release Month December , 2020
Release Summary

This release of DRYiCE SX includes enhancements in the Consumer Portal, Foundation, Work Item Board, Service Board, Category Board, and Rules Board.

New Features and Enhancements

With this release, we continue to respond to our customer’s need for operational agility with more configurability, intuitive search, robust approval engine, and enhanced catalog management capabilities thereby driving user efficiency and productivity. Towards this end, we have brought in new functionalities, which are put forward in this release note.

Consumer Portal

  • Automated email notifications will be sent to the Requesters and Assignees whenever comments are updated in the activity journal. This will enhance transparency and always keep the requesters and assignees updated
  • Company specific email notifications having configurable custom content, themes, and logos has been enabled. This will allow organizations to configure customized notifications for their respective users on the multitenant instance of SX
  • Watermark labels in type ahead fields on the ‘Ordering information’ section and attachment history under ‘View Updates’ in ‘My Requests’ section would now be translated into user's preferred language based on the user’s selection of  language from the available choices on SX
  • Multi-tenancy capability has been enhanced through company specific access to Data queries section. Users will be able to fetch Incident, Change, Problem, Fulfilment, and Task related records of their respective companies only
  • Approvers will be able to search for specific pending approval requests with the help of the enhanced search functionality that enables search across all approval requests spanning all pages in the ‘My Approvals’ view. This would improve the experience in the approval section
  • Ability to configure auto rejection of approvals that are pending for a specific amount of time. The time-period for auto rejection can now be configured based on business need. This would remove any unattended approval request pending in the system for a long time
  • Dynamic dropdown values have been made Read-Only so that requestors can only select from the list of values and not key in any new value thereby reducing the chances of error due to incorrect input
  • Type-ahead fields have been restricted such that, the users can only enter values matching the ones existent in the referenced database tables thereby reducing the chances of error due to invalid input
  • Users will see email address of the Support company/Service Provider when they hover their mouse over the support company's and service provider's email icon on the offering details page. This would enable the users to reach out to the support teams via email, if required
  • Approvers will now be able to see the Approval section for a change (RFC) ticket on the ‘My Approvals” page. This would allow the approvers to see the approval flow of the ticket while acting on the approval request thereby allowing them to take a more informed decision

Consumer Portal and Foundation

A feature has been introduced to configure company specific product logo from the foundation UI. Once the logo is configured by the application admin, it will be visible on the Consumer home page of that company. This would allow the tenants of multi-tenant instance of SX to configure logos as per their requirement

Work Item Board

  • Watermark labels have been added on the type ahead fields of the Incident, Problem, and Change form. 'Service', 'Impacted CI' and 'Consumer' fields on the Incident form, 'Service Name', 'Impacted CI' and 'Requester' fields on the problem form and 'Service Name' and 'Requester' fields on the Change form will now have watermark labels. This would make the Incident, Problem and Change forms more intuitive for the fulfillers since the watermark labels would specify the expected input on each of these type ahead fields
  • Fulfillers can search tickets based on additional search criteria like ‘Service’ and ‘Status’ on the Problem and Change work item board. This provides the fulfillers more options to base their search on and quickly access the required ticket thereby reducing the turnaround time

Service Board and Consumer Portal

  • Catalog Manager will be able to disable the "Ordering Information" section on Order Now page. To do so, Catalog Manager will need to select the Delivery Mode as “Other’ while configuring a service in the service board. This would allow the Catalog Manager to publish a service without the ‘Ordering Information’ section thereby reducing the friction to order a service that does not require any of the ordering information fields to be filled by the requester
  • Catalog Manager will be able to configure the sequence of all ‘Featured’ offerings on the home page from the service board. Thus, all published services that are categorized as ‘Featured’ can be sequenced as required. Users will see the Featured services in the sequence specified by the Catalog Manager
  • Users will be able to navigate from the offering details page of one offering to other related offerings listed in the ‘Related Offerings’ section of the page. This would allow quick access to related offerings thereby enhancing the user experience

Service Board and Approval

  • Approval engine has been enhanced with additional criteria tied to the user profile including organization, department, location, cost center, and user type. This would allow the conditional routing of approvals on the basis of user data fields
  • Whenever a new company will be added in SX (Level1 to Level 4), configurable approval levels will automatically be built by default. Catalog Manger will be able to configure these approval levels in services where approvals are required. This would reduce the time taken to configure approvals for a service built for a new Company

Service Board

  • Copy offering feature has been introduced allowing Catalog Managers to copy key tenets of an existing service and use them to create a new service. Components, Attributes, Price, Ordering Information, Ordering Preferences, Disclaimer and Entitlements of an existing service may be copied over to a new service. This would help the Catalog Managers to further reduce the time to market of new services
  • Sticky filter criteria have been enabled on Service Board so that the filter criteria selected remains in the list view of the service board even when the service item details page is closed. This would enhance user experience by reducing user action redundancy

Category Board

Further focusing on the multi-tenancy capabilities, a Catalog Manager will now be able to see the categories/ sub categories for those companies with whom he/ she is associated and also the categories/ sub categories created by him/her but not yet linked to any of the associated companies

Rules Board

AMS board scrollbar has been modified so that when the Catalog Manager scrolls through the AMS rules, the details section of the selected AMS rule stays frozen and visible on the right side of the screen. This enhances usability of AMS for the Catalog Manager since now they do not need to scroll up and down to view details

Problem and Change Management

Problem Management process has been enhanced wherein the status of Problem tickets where Corrective action is required, are automatically changed  from 'Under Corrective Action' to 'Corrected', as soon as the corresponding request for change ticket raised from the problem ticket is completed. This intelligent automation within Problem management strengthens the close integration among processes

Change Management

Users will be able to specify the CI that is impacted due to the change in the change form. This would allow the primary impacted CI to be displayed on the Change form.


The report console has been enhanced and users can now fetch reports for specific time periods by utilizing the new ‘Between’ operator on all date type attribute values. This allows the users to fetch reports for specific time intervals from SX


  • Advertisement feature has been enhanced with the additional capability of adding hyperlink to the advertisement image from the foundation portal. Users will be able to click on advertisements published on the home page and be redirected to the corresponding links
  • For enhanced instance security and management, only Super Admin will now have the capability to Create Company from Foundation
  • Search functionality on the user section of the Foundation portal has been enhanced with the addition of 'User id' Search criteria. This would allow the app admin to base the search on an additional criterion and seamlessly access the user details of the searched user
  • User (App Admin/Super Admin) will be able to configure welcome message for a company from foundation UI. The same message will be visible to all the users of that company when they login into SX. This welcome message would give a personalized experience to any tenant’s user on the multi-tenant instance of SX.
Bugs and Fixes

Following is the list of bugs that were fixed as part of this release.

Consumer Portal

  • Fixed an issue on the home page of the consumer portal, where ‘Most Popular’ offerings were not getting displayed
  • Fixed the issue on ‘My Delegation’, where time was not being shown according to the preferred time zone selected by the user
  • Fixed an issue on the consumer portal where users were unable to access their profiles when logged in using internet explorer
  • Fixed an issue on the consumer portal wherein the users were getting redirected to the offering list view page upon selecting an offering from the global search bar. Now upon selecting an offering searched on the Global Search Bar, users will be redirected to the offering details page directly
  • Fixed an issue on the ‘My Request’ page where the ‘REQ’ number and the ‘ITM’ number were overlapping each other on the right-hand side section
  • Fixed the issue related to the ‘My Delegation’ module where the approvals were not getting redirected to the delegated person

Work Item Board

  • Fixed an issue on the Work Item board where incorrect search results were getting generated when a fulfiller searched for a ticket using the ‘REQ’ number
  • Fixed an issue on the Task board where junk numbers were being showcased with the name of each attached file
  • Fixed an issue related to the Work Item board where the result of a search for a ticket number by a fulfiller was restricted to the page on which  the search was carried out instead of spanning across all the pages containing the list of tickets. This issue has been fixed across Fulfilment, Task, Incident, Problem and Change boards
  • Fixed an issue related to attachments on Change board where users were encountering an error message on clicking the ‘Download’ icon
  • Fixed an issue on the Change board where the approver of the Change was unable to approve or reject the change from the edit change form

Work Item Board and Approval

  • Fixed an issue where appropriate approvals were not getting triggered when a Change ticket was created

Service Board

  • Fixed an issue on the Service board where when a new service was being created the ‘Hide SLA’ flag was not being set by default
  • Fixed an issue related to searching service on the service board where user got incorrect results upon selecting the service from the  suggested dropdown list in the search bar using their keyboard arrow keys and then pressing the enter key
About SX

DRYiCE SX™ accelerates service delivery by seamlessly aggregating catalogs creating single system of engagement.


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