DRYiCE MyXalytics 6.2



Product Name DRYiCE MyXalytics
Version Number 6.2
Release Month December , 2023
Release Summary

Release 6.2 gyrates around an introduction to Cascading effects on the platform, Exporting of Insights, CSP customer Mapping, Introduction to Discount Module, NPS scorecard module, etc. The document is aimed to let External and Internal Users know about the features/enhancements and other bugs.


MyXalytics is a unified reporting and dashboarding solution which helps organizations by providing unparalleled visibility into the performance of their IT systems and processes. It helps in providing people and organizations with the clarity they need to drive continuous operational improvements. FinOps offering of the MyXalytics tool helps organizations to stay on top of their cloud spending. The tool also provides flexibility to define and design custom reports leveraging the GUI-based data analyser and repo­rt builder. It helps organizations to effectively visualize, manage, and optimize their multi-cloud spends.

New Features and Enhancements:
  • Cascading Effect

    The current dashboard for charts now can experience a cascading impact that affects various chart components, including the Pie chart, E-Bar chart, Tile Util, MS-Chart, Geo map, Multi Source, and Sankey Chart.

  • Insights Export

    Users will have the capability to obtain detailed drill-down insights, exportable in XL (Excel), PDF, and PPT (PowerPoint) formats, directly from the insights page associated with each chart corresponding to specific Configuration Items (CIs).

  • CSP Customer Mapping

    The System Administrator (S-Admin) will possess the authority to establish engagement and multi-Cloud Service Provider (CSP) customer mappings within the context of the cloud provider.

  • Discount Module

    The System Administrator (S-Admin) will be empowered to generate discounts based on various dimensions, including account, customer, service, and publisher types, specifically within the context of Azure and AWS cloud providers. It's important to note that identical discounts for the same service, publisher, subscription, customer, or account within the same date range cannot be preserved.

  • PDF Export New Framework – MIGRADOC + PDF Sharp

    • End-users should be afforded the functionality to retrieve PDF files via the individual widget export and the Health View Report builder.

    • The PDF export mechanism will be established utilizing the Migradoc and PDF Sharp technologies.

    • Image elements should exhibit a high-quality resolution, ensuring optimal visual clarity.

    • Text content will be effectively managed to maintain readability and formatting standards.

    • A structured index page and comprehensive descriptions will be provided for enhanced document navigation

  • NPS Scorecard

    The NPS Scorecard serves as an executive-level tool designed to provide a concise, comprehensive overview of network health within a single interface. The initial screen has been created specifically for the NPS Scorecard within the NetPerf module.

  • Cost Optimization through Waste Elimination

    Cloud service providers worldwide acknowledge the importance of cost reduction and operational efficiency enhancement. A meticulous analysis of resource allocation, storage optimization, and usage pattern refinement enables these providers to pinpoint and address areas of inefficiency. Our Waste Elimination Optimization method focuses on instance decommissioning to achieve peak cost efficiency. This approach extends to delivering Waste Elimination recommendations for optimizing AWS EBS and RDS snapshots, as well as AZURE Managed Disk snapshots and AZURE SQL instances. Additionally, we address a bug related to Azure App Service.

  • AI FinOps Services

    Token Generation and Dynamic Connection String Implementation in AIOPS SERVICE (Model Training and Forecasting Adapter)

    In this context, the implementation involves several key steps:

    • An additional key-value pair, known as the "Vault key," is introduced in the source query. This key is dynamically replaced with the 'vcvaulttoolid' retrieved from the 'datasourcedetails' table.

    • The Token Generation Process is executed before making requests to the AI-FinOps API. This step is essential to ensure the security of the operation.

    • If the token generation process is successful, the request is forwarded to the AI-FinOps API. In the event of any issues or failures in token generation, an error is logged, and the job is halted.

  • Better Reports Illustrations

    • Every schedule view will be incorporated into Excel as an individual sheet.

    • The core widgets on each sheet will remain consistent with their current configuration

    • The sole modification will be the inclusion of each view as a distinct Excel sheet, labelled accordingly.

    • To implement this, various applications, services, and methods must be employed to enable the creation of separate Excel sheets for each view.

  • For Azure

    • AZURE SQL integrations

      AZURE SQL Database inventory and performance data sync

      AZURE SQL capabilities list data sync and price calculation

      Recommendation configuration and data sync and Price calculation for Azure SQL Idle.

    • Azure Snapshot Configurations

      Recommendation configuration and data sync for Azure Snapshot

    • Azure Storage Integrations

      AZURE Storage inventory data sync and AZURE Storage container object list data sync and price calculation and Recommendation configuration and data sync and Price calculation for Azure Storage Idle

  • For AWS

    • AWS {RDS/EBS} Snapshots configuration

      Recommendation configuration and data sync for AWS {RDS/EBS} Snapshots

    • AWS security groups

      Configured job for AWS security groups

    • AWS Storage integrations

      AWS Storage inventory data sync and AWS Storage bucket list data sync and price calculation

      Recommendation configuration and data sync and Price calculation for AWS Storage Idle

    • AWS PV Drivers

      AWS PV Drivers and Cloud watch Agent data sync

  • Insights Creation

    Configured Insights for AWS LB/AWS Public IP/AWS EBS/AWS RDS/Azure LB/Azure Disk Snapshot/Azure Public IP/Azure SQL/GCP SQL

  • Vcenter Creations

    Vcenter performance data sync for the parameters like CPU usage, Memory usage, Sys_uptime, Diskread_average, Diskwrite_average, NetData_Interface_received, NetData_Transmitted.

Bug Fixes
  • No drill down option on Sankey Chart.

  • Sankey drill down should not work in saved widget

  • Sankey icon not visible in report builder

  • Parsing error in SX task job.

  • Data fetching issue.

  • Exception occurred while data delete from Job Actions and job will not pick next time.

  • Data duplicate while syncing the data in log analytics jobs.

  • Subscription not showing in recommendation.

  • AWS RDS destination table columns.

  • Account name should not be blank for public IP and load balancer recommendation


Implementation of New Encryption Algorithm to support AES GCM as well as other security fixes (KB0109608)