DRYiCE MyXalytics



Product Name MyXalytics
Version Number 6.0
Release Month March , 2023
Release Summary

MyXalytics is a unified reporting and dashboarding solution which helps organizations by providing unparalleled visibility into the performance of their IT systems and processes. It helps give people and organizations the clarity they need to drive continuous operational improvements. FinOps offering of the MyXalytics tool allows organizations to stay on top of their cloud spending. The tool also provides flexibility to define and design custom reports leveraging the GUI-based data analyzer and repo-rtbuilder. It helps organizations visualize, manage, and optimize their multi-cloud spending effectively.

New Features and Enhancements

New Features

  • Self-Onboarding - This feature enables new organizations a faster adoption to the FinOps journey by providing them with an intuitive wizard-based user interface. This step-by-step wizard provides detailed help to ease onboarding and helps organizations visualize, manage, and optimize their multi-cloud spending.
    • New User / Organization Registration

      New users register themselves and their organization via the new user signup page. Upon successful signup, the user can log into the system and follow the easy step-by-step wizard that helps onboard their multi-cloud details to start visualizing the cloud spending and opportunities for cost savings.

    • Public cloud details onboarding 

      The platform supports three major hyper scalers {AWS/Azure/GCP}. A self-explanatory user interface helps the users to provide the prerequisites required to generate cost visibility and cost optimization dashboards.

    • FinOps Integration Health View 

      This view helps users to check the current state of integration with public cloud providers in terms of ingesting billing, telemetry, tags, and other native advisory data.

  • API Console for Northbound Integration - Allows the admin user to expose Role Based integration with third-party tools. The token-based authorization helps secure APIs.

  • Sankey Chart - Sankey depicts the key steps and the flow intensity for defined sections. These lines can conjoin or furcate; it requires a minimum of two dimensions {data attributes} and one measure {quantitative measurement}. Users can club up to five dimensions against one step. Moreover, all charts can be downloaded and exported in PDF, Excel, PPT, and CSV formats. Drill down, Drill through, and Pivot options are unavailable for the Sankey chart.

Component and Service Enhancements

  • Grid Header – Grid headers are now static and stay on top. They do not scroll down while exploring the data in rows below, which helps the user see the column header and relate data while scrolling down the page

  • Password policy for form-based authentication - The account gets locked after four failed logging attempts.

  • Enhanced Grid Control – The new grid control now provides robust controls that help users perform data operations, such as paging, sorting, filtering, grouping, and editing, which offers better control over data representation and manipulation.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the geographic view to show bifurcation of cost regionally.
  • Removed the count restriction to create account-wise budgets.
  • Fixed downloadable reports to support ppt as well as csv formats for all widgets.
  • Schedulable reports with custom & validated data are now available.
  • Data population on bar charts.
A Glimpse of Upcoming Release
  • Private Cloud – Extend the FinOps lifecycle of Insight, Optimize and Operate for private cloud.
  • Public Cloud - Cost Billing module to ingest and report on both Amortized and Actual cost.
  • Network Performance Score (NPS) Scorecard clubs & represents multiple performance parameters into one single score.

DRYiCE MyXalytics is a unified reporting and dashboarding product which provides a simplified bird’s-eye view of operations by ingesting data from multiple enterprise tools, creates insightful and intuitive reports, projects the results, all tailored and configurable in role-based dashboards.

It provides a unified view of the entire IT operations environment with the capability to make informed decisions to reduce risk, enhance performance and efficiency, and control cost. It also offers intelligent insights that helps effectively visualize, manage, and optimize multi-cloud spends, improve governance, and strengthen the multi-cloud security posture with a dedicated module, MyXalytics FinOps.

Differentiating features of MyXalytics:

  • Self-onboarding
  • Unlimited customization of reports
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Dedicated reports for unrealized savings to monitor any missed opportunities
  • Downloadable reports in multiple formats- PDF, PPT, CSV, and XLSX
  • Dedicated reports for Chargeback & Show back
  • No limits to lookback period
  • Cost visibility of overall spend across all hyperscalers, under a single pane of glass
  • Predictive analytics

For product related inquiries, please reach us at dryice-pmg-autonomic@hcl.co