DRYiCE iControl v1.1



Product Name DRYiCE iControl
Version Number 1.1
Release Month January , 2020
Release Summary

iControl product provides business context to operational events by linking application, business units and products to a business flow supporting delivery of a product or service to an endpoint. iControl resolves the challenges with data sanity/accuracy to enhance the target performance monitoring and add predictive real-time monitoring through machine learning and a growing list of dashboard widgets.

New Features and Enhancements

In total there are 127 tickets including enhancements, improvements, new fixes and features added as part of this release. Below are the key highlights:

  • Added Real-time flow monitoring widget for up-to-date threshold monitoring.

  • Current target (threshold) drill-downs listed on threshold status order (breached targets at the top).
  • Implemented and tested iControl to work with all Splunk versions 7.x to 8.x.
  • Enabled Splunk log recycling to improve performance when logging events.
  • Implement uptime and downtime cumulative calculations for future ‘Uptime’ widget deployments.
  • Removed admin-all-objects capabilities from iControl roles, reduces permissions to those required.
  • Implementation of real-time widget refresh auto-updates (every minute) on dashboards.
  • Display of common and unassigned targets using max breach status color.
  • Target view details page, added references and links to associated flow and data streams pages.
  • Data Streams view details page, added reference and links to associated targets and base search.
  • Base Searches view details page, added references and links to associated data streams pages.
  • Added link to target view details page from observation widget heading from dashboard or drill-down.
  • Target drill-down list amended link to target view page (not edit page) to allow viewer access.
  • Target list page, added Data Streams column and associated links to data streams pages.
  • Base Search list page, added Data Streams column and associated links to data streams pages.
  • Data Streams list, added (Base) search status column to create visibility of ability to monitor data.
  • Implementation of App Manager and Group Manager roles, removal of App Admin role (and all associated code refactoring) to facilitate separation of administrative tasks.
  • Changing a predictive model now deletes the old model (based on the previously selected algorithm) and facilitates remodelling based on the new algorithm, start and end sample times.
  • In Data Streams list display predictive model status, no need to drill-down into view details page.
  • Added ability to access and administer calendars from within the targets list.
  • Simplified adding new widgets to dashboard via single click, configure widget after added.
  • Flow designer expanded view, flow auto sizes to fit complete flow within widget.
  • For targets with multiple thresholds set display order by threshold active period start date/time.
Bugs and Fixes
  • Fix to add users to existing groups after existing members have been deleted in Splunk.
  • Fix to create web application licence file.
  • Fix to create error messages received from various endpoints (not previously displayed).
  • Fix for multiple threshold targets, order and align edit/delete functions with correct thresholds.
  • Fix to display correct time zone (used by timeline widgets) at bottom of all dashboard pages.
  • Amended iControl exit button to use a relative link rather than an absolute URL address, this allows for Splunk installation directory flexibility.
  • Fixed displaying correct error messaging for invalid base searches.
  • Fixed various list tooltips to display ‘on page’ and in sort order.
  • Returning correct status and last observation values for breached cut-offs without observations.
  • Warnings only predicted if the breach will happen in the future, not in the past during the active period.
  • Warning predictions aligned to destination system time zone, not the source system.
  • Daily individual targets now set to not open on holidays regardless of target type.
  • Amended permissions to limit access to dimensions and settings menus to only roles required.
  • Various bug fixes and UX improvements.
Performance Improvement
  • Refactored Roles to improve access speed and limit impact of an increase in iControl user accounts.
  • Speed improvements on iControl load, only loading required information for dashboard display.
  • Speed improvements when loading list and view screens, only load required records.
  • Cached dashboards to allow for user to switch between then without re-requesting display data.
System Requirements

DRYiCE iControl dependencies:

  • Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit.

iControl is a product within the emerging market sector of Operations Intelligence – technology solutions that leverage analytics to help end-users continuously monitor and manage business operations in real-time.

iControl forms part of a combined software and services solution developed by DRYiCE around “Business Flow Monitoring” which enables its customers to monitor, measure and report on the impact of IT performance in delivering business outcomes. Today iControl is primarily used by the project team as an implementation tool.

Business Flow Monitoring provides real time monitoring against business relevant targets. It is used by Operations technology staff on a day-to-day basis to ensure smooth running of the bank’s critical business flows to deliver end product outcomes.

Key elements of a Business Flow Monitoring implementation are to:

  • Define a visual “flow” for the end-to-end business process
  • Define service-level targets to set expected performance for key points within the flow
  • Associate these targets with metric data provided from underlying monitoring
  • Calculate real-time service-level performance and capture variance from expected levels

For support related inquiries, please reach us at support.dryice.ai@hcl.com