DRYiCE iAutomate v6.0



Product Name DRYiCE iAutomate
Version Number 6.0
Release Month September , 2020
Release Summary

DRYiCE iAutomate provides Intelligent Runbook Automation capabilities for automating the IT Operations resolution lifecycle, specifically for incidents, service request tasks and change request tasks. It leverages Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities for understanding most common / repetitive issues, recommends most relevant solutions and even resolves them autonomously.

Release 6.0 focusses on various new features, enhancements and performance improvements for some of the core services.

New Features and Enhancements

Following are the newly launched features and functionalities as part of DRYiCE iAutomate v6.0:

SaaS-based and self-service driven ticket analysis to identify automation candidates:

  • Empowers users to register themselves and conduct ad-hoc ticket analysis on their own
  • Users can download the template to be used for capturing the data and upload the dataset for analysis. Multiple analysis can be performed and managed by the users
  • Event-driven proactive notifications to keep users informed of the progress
  • Access to Analysis Dashboard to view the analysis outcomes including various widgets like Automation %, Runbook Available, Knowledge Articles (KB) available, Top 10 automatable use cases, among others

New Integrations:

  • Cherwell IT Service Management for Incidents, Service Requests Tasks, and Change Request Tasks via push-based APIs
  • ServiceNow Orchestration for the execution of runbooks / workflows

Support for updates to tickets in IT Service Management tool via iAutomate:

  • Flexibility to directly update, resolve, close, or move tickets to WIP state directly via iAutomate, eliminating the need to have RBA-ITSM integration in place
  • Optional on/off feature for users to choose the integration mechanism

Support for mapping the native RBAC groups within iAutomate to customer organization’s Active Directory (AD) groups:

  • Enables one-step mapping of desired roles to AD users. Earlier, this used to be a manual activity as during the syncing process, all the user roles defaulted to Operational Users and new roles had to be mapped manually

Master Script support added for new RBA tools - VMware vRO and Ansible:

  • Scripts downloaded and customized from web-based repositories are now compatible with and can be executed via VMware vRO and Ansible

Enhancements in error tracking modules:

  • Proactive mail notifications to detect any stopped/paused jobs for better visibility and troubleshooting

Web-based security and logging enhancements:

  • Detailed configurable logging can now be enabled for various components for faster and comprehensive troubleshooting
  • Additionally, now upgraded versions of jQuery (2.2.4) and SignalR (2.4.0) are now supported

Runbook executor module enhancements:

  • Support for OAuth has been enabled while integrating the RBA tool

LDAP-based data syncing for organizations leveraging SAML

Solr version upgrade:

  • Upgrade for Solr version being used for document indexing, ranking, and search. The older version will continue to be supported with minor schema changes

UI / UX Enhancements:

  • Multiple enhancements to enable a seamless end-user experience
Performance Improvements
  • Improvements in runbook recommendation service for much more relevant and enriched recommendations
  • Performance improvements of core services to optimize memory usage
Bugs and Fixes
  • Fixed issues related to user not visible when logging via SAML, on the component logs screen
  • Fixed issue where the SME user role was not able to access the script analysis module
  • Fixed an issue faced while configuring the LDAP authentication type where LDAP, organization were getting saved even when the mandatory inputs like LDAP, LDAP UserID, and LDAP Password are not provided
  • Fixed the issue while configuring the data source where the data source field was mandatory but the user was able to proceed ahead even without filling it
  • Fixed an issue where only one-page data was displayed while exporting the component logs data
  • Fixed an issue where no data was populated while changing the organization on the User Activity log screen
  • Fixed an issue related to proxy configuration where proxy details were not updated in Manage Runbook tool and Manage Data Collections while checking Proxy Required option
Glimpse of Upcoming Release

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Azure AD sync support
  • Addition of new reports and widgets
  • New Runbooks


  • Moogsoft (Event Module Integration)
  • Remedy Force

DRYiCE iAutomate is an intelligent runbook automation product which brings AI and collaboration as key features into the automation domain. It delivers the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, and NLP through extensive use of proprietary NLP algorithms and knowledge analysis in conjunction with our industry leading orchestration engines. It provides robust, end-to-end incident remediation and task automation across the infrastructure and applications landscape by leveraging a repository of over 1500 configurable and reusable runbooks.

Differentiating features of DRYiCE iAutomate:

  • Ingest, analyse ticket data, and identify ideal automation candidates automatically without manual effort
  • ML and NLP Powered Recommendation and Remediation
  • Zero-Touch Intelligent Automation without Human Intervention
  • Automation Diversity supporting different kinds of automations – Incidents, Service Requests Tasks, Change Requests Tasks, Scheduled Executions, and Adhoc Tasks
  • OOB Runbook Library containing 1500+ automation runbooks
  • One-click access to enterprise knowledge for quickly resolving issues
  • Contextual Knowledge Assistance in form of knowledge articles
  • On the fly creation of automation runbooks / workflows

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