DRYiCE AEX™ Digital Workplace Solution

AI-Driven and Automation-Powered Employee Experience


The workplace is on a path of irreversible change

Paradigm shifts have long been the subject of business discourse, but in 2020 the ground under our feet shifted. The New Normal is now business-as-usual, a hyper-connected, globally dispersed, always-on enterprise.

To thrive, enterprises require a digital workplace solution that can bridge the gap between user expectation and experience.

And that describes DRYiCE AEX (AEX) perfectly.

What makes AEX the ideal Digital Workplace solution?

DRYiCE AEX is an end-to-end digital workplace solution that transforms employee experience and fosters productivity while optimizing costs through AI, automation, and self-help capabilities.

Enterprise Digital Marketplace

Pre-configured IT and business services catalog

End-point Remediation

Pro-active monitoring and automated remediation

AI-enabled Cognitive Virtual Assistant

AI and omni-channel support for superior end-user experience

End-point Monitoring and Reporting

End-user experience insights


The AEX Advantage | Delighting employees and simplifying workplace operations

DRYiCE AEX offers enterprise-wide digital agility with real-world benefits and zero risks of performance loss.


Increases employee productivity

Proactive end-point monitoring, self-heal, and remediation increases employee productivity through automation.


Quick time-to-value

With 250 out-of-box use cases, pre-configured customer-tested IT and business catalogs, and the flexibility to customize use cases on-the-go, AEX is up and raring to go from day 1.


Delivers anytime support

A promise not hard to make, given our penchant for delivering solutions with self-service capability, omni-channel support, and 24*7 availability.


Real-time visibility

Real-time monitoring of end-user computing (EUC) data to provide visibility into user’s digital experience, predictive analytics, and contextual feedback.


Scales as you grow

As your enterprise grows along its digital transformation journey, your solution will grow too, adding users, functionalities, and capabilities along the way.


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