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Technology has become an essential part of the business. Organizations are continuously looking at ways to respond quickly to changes within the business and maintain momentum. Often, this is enabled by IT. Organizations, where the IT and business strategies are co-created, have improved overall business and operational efficiencies.

IT service management (ITSM) provides a systematic approach to manage the life cycle of IT products and services from cradle to grave – all the way from the creation of service to keeping them running for business operations and continuously improving or transforming them. There are several ITSM frameworks that organizations can adopt to manage their IT services. With so many available options, many organizations struggle to identify which framework is best suited for their requirements, or if there is just one or a combination that should be used in different parts of the organization, and how all the different elements should interact.

In this e-book, the authors explore the optimum mix of an effective service management framework. If an organization is adopting a service management framework for the modern world, it is not one specific framework or standard that will solve the problem, because none of these addresses all the requirements individually. Some of them are stronger in operations, some of them are highly applicable only for application development, while some offer information integration capabilities. 

Eventually, the organization must take the best practices from different frameworks and create its own IT operating model that suits its specific requirement to achieve the outcome.

Download the e-book to read these best practices and know what is important when devising a service management framework for your organization.


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