DRYiCE MTaaS is a private Cloud-based enterprise management platform for the delivery of IT Management tools. It provides access to tools and its functions remotely as a web-based service.

To utilize this business-ready hosted platform for enterprise tools, the clients simply need to extend the consoles into their environment.

MTaaS offers a “plug-and-play” mechanism to the customer with a highly scalable environment, with complete control, visibility, and flexibility, without having to bear the upfront cost.

MTaaS supports three different deployment models:

  1. MTaaS SaaS

  2. MTaaS Hybrid

  3. MTaaS Dedicated

MTaaS delivers AIOps through its inter-related layers:

  • Predictive Analytics based Event Correlation Layer which leverages Moogsoft, Splunk and ITOM to consolidate data streams and recognize patterns to make predictions for the future
  • ServiceNow based Service Management Layer
  • Automation Layer which is powered by DRYiCE MyCloud, DRYiCE iAutomate, ITPAM, MF OO, HCL BigFix, SolarWinds, and HCL WA
  • Visibility and Analytics Layer powered by DRYiCE MyXalytics
  • Assistance Layer powered by DRYiCE Lucy

MTaaS leverages a rich partner ecosystem for various elements:

  • Reporting
  • Capacity Management
  • ITSM
  • Automation
  • Operations ML
  • Application Performance
  • Log Analytics
  • OS and Applications
  • Network and Voice

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