Delivers zero IT service experience
wait time for a global manufacturer

More than a century old, elevator and crane manufacturing company was looking to modernize its traditional human-driven IT Service Desk.  To enable this type of digital transformation rapidly, they joined forces with DRYiCE to secure our AI-powered CVA, DRYiCE Lucy. Their choice was made based on Lucy’s ability to communicate in both voice and chat, mimic human interaction by learning and adapting to client needs through smart conversations, and deliver efficiencies needed to meet operational demands.

Also, our client experienced a significant reduction in errors, which increased productivity. Lucy leveraged its Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to learn and adapt to every call or interaction, improving customer and employee experience. Lucy was available on web and enterprise communication channels such as MS Team for an omni-channel experience. It was trained on more than 150 use cases with enterprise integrations such as ADFS, Remedy Force, and Live station.

DRYiCE Lucy under its fall back mechanism, provided a seamless handoff to a Service Desk agent, empowering end-users to self-fix the common problems. As a result, their adoption rate exceeded their stated goals.


Download the case study to read the complete customer journey.


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