Enhanced user experience and created
an efficient information retrieval engine for a Finnish industrial machinery company

A Finnish industrial machinery company, struggling with long and manual information retrieval process, leveraged DRYiCE Lucy as an agent which interfaces with both internal and external information sources, to accelerate the retrieval process and deliver relevant information, thereby eliminating the need for manual routing between and within the repositories.

Lucy leveraged its Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to converse with the user, comprehend their ask, ingest available documents and present the required information. It analysed over 83,000 documents spread across different databases for multiple business domains including HR, Finance, IT and Legal to understand, index and compile the relevant information.

With Lucy, the client was able to transform user experience from a search based model to a conversational model, reduce the life-cycle of information retrieval process, and boost user experience.

Download the case study to read the complete customer journey.


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