A Belgian energy company powered up with DRYiCE MTaaS

A Belgium-based energy company with over 1.8 million customers was looking to modernize its obsolete IT ecosystem in order to infuse enterprise-wide agility and efficiency into its operations. They joined hands with DRYiCE to take advantage of its unique AIOps-driven enterprise management system - DRYiCE MTaaS. The complex infrastructure, high error rates, siloed monitoring approach, and lack of operational visibility made MTaaS an ideal partner in the client's journey to digital transformation.

MTaaS armed the client with intelligent automation, unified monitoring and reporting, effective event management and cloud orchestration, among other things. The process delivered immersive values in the form of high successful resolution rates, lower resolution times, and reduced VM readiness timelines, which has set the client up for success in the fast-growing energy sector.

Download the case study to read the complete customer journey.


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