Transforming service delivery with a comprehensive service catalog in a unified marketplace

DRYiCE SX is a Digital age Cloud-native, service catalog aggregation, and fulfillment orchestration platform which can aggregate diversified catalogs for any kind of services from multiple suppliers. It allows CIOs and Business Leaders to plug the growing gap between user expectations and experiences by allowing enterprise suppliers and consumers to connect for business transactions in a XaaS (Everything as a Service) ecosystem.

SX is designed with the consideration that service catalog is at the center of the service universe and provides a Single-System-of-Engagement for the enterprise consumers and allows enterprise suppliers to publish their services which can be consumed through a single and unified self-service catalog. It supports several functionalities including but not confined to catalog aggregation, service publishing, fulfillment, and orchestration by on-boarding multiple service supply chain entities for both IT as well as non-IT services.

It offers an e-commerce style portal service marketplace for enterprise users and provides a unified, intuitive, and best-in-class shopping experience of services on demand through a centralized portal with a seamlessly aggregated catalog from multiple service providers.
XaaS features like subscriptions and services management by consumers, service usage tracking, self-service actions etc. are also available at one’s disposal on SX. Additionally, a Virtual Assistant powered with cognitive capabilities is also enabled to aid consumers.


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