Global enterprises leverage emerging payment system technologies to transform operations in areas such as digital identity, data protection, and privacy, instant cross-border payments, and payments-channel integration to meet customer expectations and stay competitive.

A payment system exists to make the processing of a bank’s payments faster, efficient, and automated. Any time the system fails to reduce manual effort, fails to process a payment, or fails to operate seamlessly, constitutes a failure of the entire system.

IT functions are very familiar with the nightmare scenarios that can happen when managing payment networks. For example, transactions are declined and IT doesn’t know until customers call to complain. Or transaction authorizations have slowed to a crawl and IT cannot determine the root cause.

DRYiCE iControl addresses these challenges by monitoring the entire payments system in real-time to ensure it delivers on the targets expected by the business. Those targets could be volumes, response times, average transaction values, or total transaction value by merchant, interchange partner, or terminal.


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