Cloud Management Platform: What are they and why do you need one?


March 31, 2023

Cloud computing and its adoption have revolutionized how organizations compete in the digital age. As a result of this trend, Gartner predicts that public cloud services spending will increase by 20.7% by 2023, continuing on this trajectory. The surge in adoption can be attributed to several factors, including the necessity for modernized digital infrastructure, the growing demand for enhanced agility, and the significant cost savings realized through cloud utilization. To fully utilize these benefits, organizations must invest in Cloud Management Platforms (CMP).

It's similar to investing in a good navigation system on a road trip. It allows you to find the best route and reach your destination quickly and safely.

Can you explain what Cloud Management Platforms are?

Cloud Management Platforms offer organizations a holistic view of their cloud resources, allowing them to enhance their efficiency, optimize performance, and fortify security measures. These platforms enable organizations to gain transparency into their hybrid cloud usage, as well as automate and manage their cloud infrastructure. By implementing Cloud Management Platforms, organizations can not only streamline their cloud operations but also realize significant cost savings. With the ability to improve cloud efficiency and enhance cost optimization, Cloud Management Platforms have become an essential tool for modern businesses looking to leverage cloud technology.

Benefits of Cloud Management Platform:

  • Centralized management
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • Compliance & Security
  • Performance and cost reporting

Exactly who will benefit from Cloud Management Platform?

Each user persona has different requirements and responsibilities that cloud management platforms are designed to meet, and they will all benefit from.

User personas who benefit from cloud management platforms include:

  • Cloud Developers: Cloud developers use Cloud Management Platforms to deploy, manage and automate the deployment process, manage scaling, and perform routine tasks.
  • Finance Manager: The finance manager involved in cloud spend management can track and allocate costs across multiple cloud providers, forecast cloud-related costs, and optimize resource utilization to reduce costs.
  • Business Manager: Cloud Management Platforms can help managers identify and deploy to the right cloud that aligns with business objectives, as well as manage cloud resources. 
  • IT Managers: By having a single dashboard visibility into their cloud environments, they can make informed decisions about capacity planning, budgeting, ensuring compliance with policies and regulations, and resource allocation.
  • Security Manager: They can implement security controls to prevent data breaches and manage access to cloud resources in a way that ensures data privacy and confidentiality.
  • Leadership: Through Cloud management platforms, CXOs can streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve the security of their IT infrastructure.

In conclusion, the market dynamics for Cloud Management Platforms look positive, and the market is expected to expand in the upcoming years as organizations continue to adopt cloud and seek efficient ways to manage their cloud infrastructure. In the coming years, cloud management platforms are expected to evolve to include more sophisticated and advanced features to meet organizations' needs as the market grows.

Why DRYiCE MyCloud for Cloud Management?

With DRYiCE MyCloud, you can provision, manage, govern, and optimize your workloads across multi-cloud environments. It enables one-click provisioning of IaaS, PaaS, and multi-machine blueprints with ease of on-boarding new services on the fly.

Additionally, it allows flexibility, agility, and scalability of multi-cloud environments with deep integrations with CI/CD tools.

We make it easy for you to manage workloads across multiple clouds and cut VM provisioning time up to 85%, improve asset utilization up to 40%, and achieve 100% automation of workflows.

Take advantage of MyCloud today and explore cloud management possibilities!

Gadicherla V D B Bharadwaj

Gadicherla V D B Bharadwaj, Product Manager - DRYiCE MyCloud

Bharadwaj is a Product Manager with 6+ years of experience. He specializes in product Ops and customer success. Has an innate ability to make systems easier to use for the end users by improving user experiences. Has previously worked on complex multi-system solutions (IoT-AWS-Azure) deployed globally.

Part of the DRYiCE Product Management team and responsible for MyCloud with a focus on product advocacy, roadmap prioritization, refinement, demonstrations, and anchoring analyst interactions. He is also passionate about understanding customer needs and turning them into user-focused products and solutions