Product Name DRYiCE SX
Version Number R4
Release Month June , 2020
Release Summary

With this release, the DRYiCE SX has been further enhanced. This release boasts an enhanced service board, work item board, and a much-improved consumer portal.

New Features and Enhancements

With this release, we continue to respond to our customer’s need for operational agility with a focus on improving the consumer experience. Towards this end, we have brought in new functionalities, which are put forward in this release note.

Consumer Portal

  • The users will be able to see the ordered quantity of an offering on the right-hand side of their 'my request' page so that they can refer and review the quantity of a service that they had ordered
  • The asset serial numbers will be auto-populated based on the selected asset location in the drop-down list on the provide information section of the order now page so that the consumer can select the required asset from a reduced location-based asset list thereby improving the relevancy of the presented list
  • The size and type of attachment allowed on an instance has been made configurable to align with different attachment policies
  • The users will be able to see the application version number on the consumer portal so that everyone is aware of the release version that is currently being used
  • The users will be able to raise requests on behalf of someone else and trigger approvals basis the entitlement of the user whose details are filled in the ‘on behalf of’ field on the order now page thereby enhancing the efficiency of teams
  • With this enhancement, the laptop serial number of the logged-in user will be automatically populated wherever required on the provide information section of the order form so that the user does not need to manually fill it thereby improving the consumer experience
  • The price of the order, which is based on the quantity of the order will be showcased on order now, add to cart, my request, and my services pages thereby enabling the consumer to view price on each of these pages
  • The by default “Approved” text has been removed from the Approval comments. Approver now needs to enter custom comments while actioning approvals thereby improving the relevancy of approval comments
  • Users will be able to define the quantity of a service while ordering it from the order now and add to cart pages thereby improving their efficiency in cases where several quantities of offerings may be needed to be ordered

Consumer Portal and Service Board

  • The catalog manager can configure a new dynamic table type of question from the service board. The consumers will be able to respond to such questions by entering values into the table thereby improving the question presentation capability of SX

Information presentation capabilities of SX have been enhanced with the following additional functionalities:

  • Tables can render on the product description page.

  • The short description of the offering will render char(13) and bullets on the offering details page

Service Board

  • The configurability and flexibility of the offering has been enhanced by allowing the provide information section on the order now page to render dependent questions basis user response to parent questions
  • With this enhanced search and filter capability on the service board, the catalog manager will be able to filter items across the service board using additional filter parameters including company, service provider, status, and last modification date thereby enabling a seamless search experience for the catalog manager
  • Catalog manager will be able to configure a dynamic API call type question on the questionnaire of a service from the service board so that the end user can select a dynamic value while ordering a service and filling such a question on the provide information section of the order now page. This feature enhances the capability of a catalog manager to configure multiple types of question
  • The Approver groups within the approvals section of the Service Item details on the service board has been alphabetically ordered thereby improving the readability of the groups for the catalog manager
  • The catalog aggregation feature has been enhanced and now external catalogs built on excel files can be imported into SX thereby significantly reducing the service onboarding time
  • The Rich text editor has been introduced in the service board so that a table with multiple columns within the description section of the service form can be created and be rendered on the offering detail page
  • A default service image will be showcased to consumers on the consumer portal in case the catalog manager does not upload an image while configuring a service from the service board. This will enhance the user experience of consumers since no service will be showcased without a corresponding image

Work Item Board

  • A user with access to the task module on the work item board will be able to sort the audit log in ascending and descending order thereby enabling them to look at the events in the sequence in which they occurred


  • The approval engine has been enhanced to trigger approvals basis the responses given by the requester to questions on the provide information section of the order now page
Bugs and Fixes

Following is the list of bugs that were fixed as part of this release.

Consumer Portal

  • Fixed an issue on the ‘Order Now’ page where if a user attached a file in the provide information section and pressed the ‘Submit’ button then the ticket was not submitted, and an error message was displayed

Work Item Board

  • Fixed an issue on the task module of the ‘Work Item Board’ where if a user clicked on the task variables icon then nothing happened, and the page kept loading
About SX

DRYiCE SX™ accelerates service delivery by seamlessly aggregating catalogs creating single system of engagement.


For product-related inquiries, please reach us at support.dryice.ai@hcl.com