Product Name DRYiCE ROAR
Version Number Release 9 covering 9.0 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.5
Release Month April
Release Period (if release was phased) Jan to March
Release Summary

This release of DRYiCE ROAR includes enhancements in Onboarding, Normalization, Aggregation, Reconciliation, and overall product capabilities.

New Features and Enhancements

With this release, we have introduced additional operators to enhance the RU bulk upload capability and created new processes for archiving and restoring the ‘Company’ and its associated data. Other highlights include the introduction of a unique capability to view/download the GDS and RU count report on the completion of their respective ‘Merge’ and ‘Reconciliation’ jobs, and the ability to abort ‘Merge’ jobs in progress.


The Onboarding module is used to onboard new organizations onto ROAR, users, define datasets, define rules, etc.

  • Now, while configuring rules for contractual Resource Units, users will be able to use additional operators such as ‘Contains/Not Contains’, ‘Equals to/Not Equals to’, ‘Starts with/Not Starts with’, ‘Ends with/Not Ends with’. It will help in making the definitions more comprehensive in scope. The ability to upload RUs in bulk will improve the efficiency of mapping golden data sets to contractual RUs, improving the productivity of reconciliation jobs.
  • Now, while the data upload functionality is in progress, users will be able to see messages triggered dynamically on their UI informing them of the various capabilities available on ROAR, which are described below:
    1. ROAR can directly ingest data from 25 different sources.
    2. Outbound connectors are available to enrich the CMDB with CI information contained in the golden data sets.
    3. The ‘Job Scheduler’ functionality introduced on ROAR will allow users to automate the execution of jobs in the future.
    4. Cycle times for ‘Merge’ jobs have been reduced, thus improving application performance.
    5. A new capability has been introduced to upload RUs in bulk.

    These messages will be visible while the data upload is ‘In Progress’ on the ‘Import and Validate CI Data’ page and the ‘Upload Data’ page. These messages will inform users of the potential benefits of using the product while the data upload process is in progress, thus helping to uptake the product capabilities mentioned in the messages.

  • A new ‘Archive’ state has been activated under the ‘Status’ field of ‘Company’ to allow ‘Super Admin’ users to remove the identified company from the UI along with all the data associated with it, such as locations, users, datasets, rules, etc.

    If the archived name is used to create a new company, the following message will be displayed on the screen: “The company with the same name already exists in an archived state. If you want to restore the company and associated information, kindly click ‘Proceed’ or choose a new name.” Upon clicking on ‘Proceed’, the archived company and all details associated with it will be restored to its previous state.

    This will provide super admins the option to archive unnecessary data that causes performance issues by consuming system resources and slowing queries and reports.


The Normalization module validates incoming data and replaces the alternate representations of CI:

  • The ‘Import and Validate Screen’ has been standardized to allow users to follow the same format while onboarding data from ‘local computer’, ‘online upload’, or integration tools. This will provide a standardized workflow across all data sources and improve the user’s experience with the product.


The Aggregation module identifies potential records from different sources for merging to remove duplication and create a clean and accurate record database called the Golden Dataset. Following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • The heading showing the progress of ‘Identification jobs’ on the right-hand side of the ‘Identify’ page has been changed to ‘Job Status for ’, which will help users to understand the context of the information contained in the section.
  • The length of the ‘ Other Identity Key’ column has been increased to make it easier for application admins to accommodate specific use cases, which require the ability to configure multiple identity keys with several characters for associating records to be merged.
  • Under the ‘Job Status for > table, the’ Executed By’ column has been replaced with the ‘Status’ column. Now, upon selecting the values under the ‘Company’ and ‘Class’ fields, the value under the ‘Status’ field will be automatically updated with the status of the last ‘Identification’ job. This will provide quick visibility of completed jobs.
  • A new feature has been introduced in the Aggregation module to provide users the option to cancel an ongoing merge job without having to wait for its completion. This will enable users to optimize ROAR resources by aborting unnecessary jobs.


In RU computation, the billing components in the environment are identified by pairing the resource components (asset or CI) with a Resource Unit, which is the closest match as per the provided definition. Following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • Now, the option to push Golden datasets (GDS) obtained upon completing the merge job to the CMDB has been removed. Users will be able to see an option to view or download GDS only if the ‘Merge’ job has been completed. If the data from the last completed job is unavailable, a notification will be triggered to users, informing them of the same.
  • Now, users will be provided with an option to view or download the ‘RU Count’ report containing the RU or billing-entity-wise distribution of Resource Units found upon successfully completing the reconciliation job. If the data is not available, users will be notified that the information is unavailable.
  • The ‘Filter’ label on the ‘CI-RU Mapping Report’ page has been renamed ‘View’.

Overall product enhancements

  • A new ‘UI Connector’ display page has been introduced to display all the connectors available on the ROAR application. This will provide users with a quick summary of all the connectors configured onto ROAR for importing and exporting data.
  • The copyright message displayed on the footer of every screen on the application has been changed to ‘© HCL Technologies Ltd., 2019 – 2022’, which will help extend the coverage of the copyright act to the patented information on the screens.
About ROAR

DRYiCE ROAR creates a single source of truth by processing data in the IT environment from multiple IT & OT tools in the enterprise, which can drive the accuracy of downstream applications by removing data reliability issues.


For product-related inquiries, please reach us at [email protected]