Product Name DRYiCE ROAR
Version Number R5
Release Month April , 2021
Release Summary
New Features and Enhancements

With this release, we have introduced new features that will ensure timely completion of jobs, improve application performance and enhance user productivity, improve user convenience and enhance the performance of the product. Please find the same put forward in this release note. 


  • We have extended enhancements made in the RU definition section for mapping RU definitions to configuration items in one go by bulk upload of RU definitions using a CSV template. Enhancements are made in the RU definition section to combine groups of logical operators like 'AND' and 'OR', 'OR' and 'AND' to map RUs with GDS efficiently. A capability has also been introduced to define RUs based on categories like ‘Contract Defined', ‘Additional Exclusion’, ‘Ad-hoc Deduction’, ‘Ad-hoc Addition’ to allow application administrators to prepare reports based on these categories and provide transparency in the computation of billable. Before the introduction of bulk update capability, the enhancements in RU definition could only be leveraged individually. Now, with the addition of bulk upload capability admins can upload these RU definitions in one go through a CSV file by leveraging the features for making bulk updates.

  • We have introduced additional criteria in the validation rule for replacing the date attribute of the records with the word ‘null’ for non-standard date formats. The user needs to specify the date format before importing records from data sources which should match the imported records. This enhancement will help in qualifying data entered with date information in the right format only.


The Aggregation module identifies potential records from different sources for merging and merges them to remove duplication and create a clean and accurate record database called the Golden Dataset. Following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • We have introduced a new capability to notify users on-screen to download Golden Dataset (GDS) report when the report is successfully generated in the application and available for download. Earlier, in the absence of any notification, users would receive an error message if they tried to download a report that was not generated and was still under process. With this enhancement, users will be able to download the report after receiving the notification making it more convenient for them.


    We have introduced a new feature to delete all reports and processed data associated with a merge job by initiating purge to eliminate unwanted information from the database and ensure application performance.


The Normalization module validates incoming data and replaces the alternate representations of CI information with standard values. Following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • We have introduced a new capability to autofill the mandatory ’product field with the word ‘Unknown’ before a normalization job is initiated to automate the process and reduce human intervention.

​​​​​​​RU Computation

In RU computation the billing components in the environment are identified by pairing the resource components (asset or CI) with a Resource Unit which is the closest match as per the provided definition. Following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • We have introduced changes in the Map Billing Entity section to map CIs in one go against multiple billing rules and billing entities. Until now, users had to map each rule individually to the GDS to find CIs applicable to the business entity. Now with this feature, users will be able to apply multiple rules simultaneously and all CIs that fulfill the rules will be mapped to the desired billing entity, reducing processing time and effort.

General product enhancements

We have introduced a new capability to notify users and other relevant stakeholders in the following scenarios:

  • In the event of failure of an automated data processing job scheduled in a job queue
  • If data is rejected or unidentified during the validation process
  • On successful completion of a merge job

These notifications will allow application administrators to remediate the issue quickly and proceed to the next stage so that the overall processing time of jobs is not affected adversely.

About ROAR

DRYiCE ROAR creates a single source of truth by processing data in the IT environment from multiple IT & OT tools in the enterprise, which can drive the accuracy of downstream applications by removing data reliability issues.


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