Product Name DRYiCE ROAR
Version Number R3
Release Month September , 2020
Release Summary
Feature Enhancements


The Onboarding module allows configuring the basic details required to setup the application for the user. Following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • Resource Unit Edit and delete feature: A resource unit provides a measurement of workload or effort required to deliver and support services. It is contractually defined before onboarding a customer. This feature will allow the editing and deletion of RUs in the onboarding phase to provide a provision for changing RU definitions before processing. Once the customer approves the status quo, the edit/ delete option will be disabled

  • Subtraction and Addition operator added in RU Operator for Aggregation: DRYiCE ROAR provides the ability to automatically allocate CIs identified from data input sources into various RUs defined in the application based on the contract signed with the customer. RU definition previously allowed attribute values to be adjusted by a multiplication/ division factor if required. The introduction of subtraction and addition operators would further enable this adjustment while improving the accuracy of RU definitions leading to the correct allocation of CIs to RUs

  • Add more currencies on Billing Entity Page: Billing Entity page provides the ability to define business units that need to be charged for various RUs based on their region or country mentioned in the contract. As per their region, the business units are mapped to their local currencies.  We have included as many as 20 popular currencies to cater to our global clients.

  • More operators to define Qualification Rule: Qualification rule allows the user to select a subset of data for processing from the master data source reference. This feature will enable the user to set up more defined conditions by incorporating additional parameters in the qualification criteria using newly added operators


The Aggregation module takes data from multiple sources and aggregates them using predefined rules to create a clean and accurate data record database called the golden dataset. Following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • Customized merge for dataset comparison & updation of similar CIs: Through the customized merge feature, input data sources are assessed to identify similar CIs. The application will first apply inbuilt intelligence to identify CIs that have the most values in common but still are not the same because of few dissimilar values and therefore are not valid candidates for merge operation. Secondly, any information missing in any of the CIs is updated with information from other identified CIs. This helps deliver information in the most exhaustive form.

  • Attribute Prioritization Rule Status(Active/Inactive) Inclusion: Attribute prioritization is used to set the priority between data sources based on individual attributes. The rule is taken as a reference to resolve conflicts at the time of data merging. This feature will provide an option to set a rule as Active/ Inactive to manage its status based on the requirement.


The Reconciliation module identifies the billing components by pairing the resource components with the correct Resource Unit. Following are the feature enhancements and bugs resolved in this module:

  • Option to select multiple BEs simultaneously in the drop-down on "Calculate RU Count Page": The Calculate RU count page applies RU logic on the golden dataset to present CIs categorized into RUs. Additionally, to filter the results further, the user can select a Billing Entity whose results are of interest to him. The option to select multiple or all Billing Entities on the page provides the flexibility to view results for multiple BEs together.

All modules

  • ROAR Automation Module: Automation module has been introduced to allow users to run all jobs sequentially, right from taking data from multiple sources, through its various processing stages, till its final output in the form of a golden dataset. The prerequisite to run a job in the automation module is the configuration of processing rules for all jobs.
    A Dashboard console has also been created for a consolidated view of all job runs and their respective statuses.

Overall product enhancements

  • Provided more options of Security Questions in My-profile and User details section: The user now has the option to choose from a comprehensive list of 15 security questions in “User Details” and “My Profile” section for enabling password reset functionality. This will help us enforce stricter security controls by limiting potential trial and error chances, and also enable us to provide a wider range of questions for users to choose from.
  • Enable Notification Email by integration with SX Notification Engine: ROAR is now integrated with a notification engine to enable notification mails for status update to the users based on pre-defined trigger points.
  • Forgot/reset password functionality: Previously, only Super Admin possessed the right to create a user and manage his credentials. The functionality to reset password has now been enabled for end-users through which they will be able to manage their login credentials on their own. This feature allows the user to reset password by either answering the security question set at the time of onboarding or by receiving a password reset link through mail. The link in mail will redirect the user back to ROAR application form where they will be able to set their new password.

  • My Profile Section introduced: My Profile section has been introduced for users which will possess the following information: Title, Name, Location, Email Address, Secret Question/Answer, Time zone and Date/Time format. All fields except username and Email Address are editable. To make a change in any of these fields, the user will be prompted to enter the password.


DRYiCE ROAR delivers data quality by integrating and reconciling data from a broad range of sources automatically and consistently to create a single-source-of-truth. It is an industry-agnostic solution that has multi-role capabilities across the enterprise value chain. The data processed by DRYiCE ROAR can be used for populating downstream applications in billing, service management, software, and inventory management.


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