Product Name DRYiCE ROAR
Version Number 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.6
Release Month February , 2022
Release Summary

This release of DRYiCE ROAR includes enhancements in the Onboarding, Normalization, Aggregation, and overall product capabilities.

New Features and Enhancements

With this release, we have introduced new features which include the capability to abort and cancel jobs midway, single click capability to purge data for all classes, automated execution of pre-scheduled jobs based on configured rules. Other highlights include the introduction of additional connectors for automating the process of importing and exporting data to and from ROAR.

Onboarding and Normalization

The Onboarding module is used to onboard new organizations onto ROAR, users, define datasets, define rules, etc. The Normalization module validates incoming data and replaces the alternate representations of CI information with standard values. Following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • Now, users will be provided with the option to abort and cancel Normalization jobs midway while they are still being executed. Once the jobs have been canceled, users will be able to see a “The job is canceled successfully” message on their UI. Canceled jobs cannot be reinitiated from the point of cancellation however they can be commenced from scratch as new jobs.

          This will now give users the choice to cancel a job midway, if required, instead of having to                  wait for the job to complete and redo the same again.

  • We have introduced new drop-down menus in the Onboarding and Normalization module which will list all options in alphabetical order. 

          This will enhance the user experience by making it simpler to look for items in the menu.

  • Now users will be able to purge existing data from all datasets across all classes with a single click before initiating a new cycle run. 

          This will give users the convenience to purge all data at once instead of having to purge them            class-wise which will help in increasing their productivity. 



The Aggregation module identifies potential records from different sources for merging and merges them to remove duplication and create a clean and accurate record database called the Golden Dataset. Following are the feature enhancements in this module:

  • Now, while performing merge jobs, a counter will become visible on the user’s UI displaying updated information on the total number of records merged. 

         Instead of displaying the total number of records being processed for merging, this incremental           update will help keep users informed on the real-time progress. 

  • A new feature has been introduced to provide users with the ability to cancel jobs midway in the identification process. 

         This will now give users the benefit of canceling jobs midway, in case required.



Overall product enhancements
  • Now, upon completion of jobs, notifications will be triggered to users containing details on all data that were rejected or unidentified during the process. These notifications will draw the user’s attention to the existence of such records, enabling them to download them for further due diligence, if required.
  • Now after two minutes of inactivity users will be automatically logged out from the application session and navigated to their login screen. Before this, a warning message will also be displayed on the user’s UI warning them about the inactivity and possible log out if it persists. 

         This will augment the security features of ROAR. 

  • A new capability has been introduced to automate the execution of jobs based on predefined job scheduling rules. Rules have been defined with different frequency/time combinations to allow users to choose the most suitable rule from amongst the choices available. 
  • A new capability has been introduced on the automation dashboard to identify and segregate automation jobs based on whether they are regular automation jobs or pre-scheduled automation jobs. This will help users to identify the respective jobs easily.
  • A new capability has been added to cancel automation jobs and show their status on the Automation dashboard as canceled.

         This will help users easily differentiate the canceled jobs from the jobs that were executed while viewing the automation dashboard.

  • Now, the ‘Status’ category displayed under ‘Processing History’ on all modules will also include ‘Canceled’ as one of the status options, which will help in identifying jobs that have been canceled during the execution process. 
  • A new drop-down menu has been introduced in the automation module to list all items in alphabetical order. 

         This will increase user convenience by making it simpler to search for items in the menu.



Ready to use connectors for the exchange of data between ROAR and other software applications.


  • We have built a dedicated connector to automate the import of records into ROAR from Zabbix, saving time and effort on manually importing data into ROAR for processing. 
  • We have developed a dedicated connector for automated sourcing of data from GBP on SX CMDB into ROAR, saving manual effort. 
  • A new connector has been built to automate the import of data from Remedy CMDB into ROAR, removing the need for manual import.
  • A new connector has been built to automate the export of the Golden Dataset from ROAR into Remedy CMDB, saving time and effort for manual updates. 
  • A new connector has been introduced for exporting the Golden Dataset output from ROAR to Cherwell eliminating the need for manual updates. 





  • The vulnerabilities identified in the static security scan findings have been analyzed and fixed. 


About ROAR
  • DRYiCE ROAR creates a single source of truth by processing data in the IT environment from multiple IT & OT tools in the enterprise, which can drive the accuracy of downstream applications by removing data reliability issues.