DRYiCE MyCloud v10.0



Product Name DRYiCE MyCloud
Version Number 10.0
Release Month August , 2020
Release Summary

DRYiCE MyCloud is a multi/ hybrid Cloud lifecycle management product that helps organizations to manage and deploy workloads on cloud environments. It provides a unified interface to perform all activities associated with cloud management including provisioning-decommissioning, policy-driven orchestration, metering, billing, and showback. The recommendation and advisory module provide proactive recommendations on cost optimization and security threats.

Release 10.0 focusses on new integrations, features, and enhancements.

New Integrations

Google Cloud Platform:

  • Compute and Storage: Allowing users to consume and management (provisioning, decommissioning and day 2 activities) of IaaS resources
  • Billing: Metering, billing, and showback capabilities

Terraform Community Integration:

  • MS Azure: New adapter available for Terraform to automate the provisioning of services, Day1/Day2 activities in Azure cloud environment
New Features and Enhancements

What’s new?

Following are the newly launched features and functionalities as part of DRYiCE MyCloud v10.0

Email Tracking Report: Enables management and tracking of emails triggered by the system, for various events, through GUI

MyCloud Version Control: Enables better control, management, and auditing for Approval, UI and Process Templates

Support of Python Scripting: Leverage Python scripts to create MyCloud process workflow tasks

Public Cloud Reporting:

  • Billing 
    1. Addition of GCP Billing Reporting
    2. Enhanced Public Cloud Billing Reporting
  • Forecasting and RI recommendation 
    1. Enables cost optimization and resource utilization by analysing the past usage patterns and recommending the most optimal resource types on AWS and Azure.
  • Security and Compliance (HIPAA) 
    1. Enables validation, compliance, and security of the public cloud environment (AWS and Azure) as per HIPAA policies

What’s enhanced?

Following are some of the existing features and functionalities that have been improved upon as part of DRYiCE MyCloud v10.0:

  • API Enhancements for better response
  • New Reports are introduced to streamline the Cloud Ops
    1. Adding new widgets in the dashboards SLA Widget, GCP Billing Widgets, etc.
Performance Enhancements
  • Enhanced function to purge logs
  • Improved UI performance
  • Enhanced component performance
System Requirements

This release is focused on existing feature enhancements and the addition of new features. Hence, it does not have any standalone hardware or software required for its installation apart from standard product installation pre-requisites which can be shared separately.

Upcoming Release


  • Integration with Terraform Enterprise
  • Hybrid Cloud Blueprint
  • Compliance Reports for PCI and CIS


  • Provisioning of services on GCP through Terraform
  • Provisioning of services on AWS through Terraform
  • API Enhancement
  • Reporting Enhancement

DRYiCE MyCloud is a proactive multi-cloud life cycle management product that empowers organizations to optimally govern, provision, monitor, and manage cloud infrastructure. It combines data exploration and data visualization in an easy-to-use application that enables effective analysis and generates actionable insights for IaaS & PaaS resources. DRYiCE MyCloud's data-driven recommendations and advisories ensure continuous optimization of enterprise cloud environments across areas, including cost, performance, security, and utilization.

Differentiating features of MyCloud:

  • Self-service catalog
  • Metering, billing and showback
  • Proactive advisory and recommendations
  • Policy-driven orchestration
  • Dynamic process workflows
  • Customize service request forms
  • Virtual server lease management
  • Role-based access control
  • Rich integration ecosystem
  • Forecasting and RI recommendation
  • Compliance reporting

For support related inquiries, please reach us at support.dryice.ai@hcl.com