DRYiCE Lucy v6.1



Product Name DRYiCE Lucy
Version Number 6.1
Release Month August , 2021
Release Summary

The release notes capture the details of features and functionalities introduced in DRYiCE Lucy as part of its minor release version 6.1. This release follows Assisted upgrade, details on which, can be found in the Upgrading to new version section. For any queries/clarifications, please reach out to Support.

New Features and Enhancements

What’s new?

Following are the newly launched features and functionalities as part of DRYiCE Lucy v6.0:

Mobile App (iOS): For enhancing optimized omnichannel experience across multiple platforms, Lucy team has added Native mobile application for iPhone. Lucy iOS app utilizes native mobile capabilities from Lucy.

Outlook Add-in: New channel available for better accessibility of Lucy over Outlook application as an Add-in on the desktop client.

Enterprise Connectors: New out of box connectors are available for enterprise applications are as follows:

  • Vayusphere Seamless Integration
  • Optibot Live Station Seamless Integration
  • SNOW Connect Chat Seamless Integration

Proactive Notifications: Newly added functionality to provide proactive notification for a user on non-web channels like MS Teams and mails. This feature includes:

  • Support for Hero Card
  • Support for Adaptive Card
  • Support for Multi-media messages
  • Allow User to start a conversation (with the help of including Button)

​​​​​​​Out of Box Google Translator Integration: For enhancing multilingual experience, option for using Google Translator Service in place of existing IBM Watson Translator has been added.

Out of Box Azure Translator Integration: For enhancing multilingual experience, option for using Azure Translator Service in place of existing IBM Translator Service has been added.

Scheduler Module: A new functionality which empowers users to build workflows as scheduled jobs. This functionality also provides capability to orchestrate, automate and trigger events as notifications or reminders to end users.

SSO Integration for MS Teams: All communication with Lucy BOT is made only after authenticating on tenant’s SSO Integration. This makes communication more secure and minimizes chances of BOT use cases leakage.

Publisher-Subscriber (Pub-Sub) architecture: This functionality enables future integrations with agent queuing system by providing single window experience on Chat Transfer. This is supported in Web and Teams.

PWA Principles on Global Admin Consoles: PWA Principles like Single Page application experience is implemented on the Global Admin consoles which provides seamless and more interactive user experience when administering platform changes for tenants.

PWA Principles on Cognitive Consoles:  PWA Principles like Single Page application experience is applied on the Cognitive consoles which provides seamless and more interactive user experience when configuring changes for BOT.

Browser end Cacheable assets: This functionality is for editable UI, so that service workers can be enabled to cache selective assets on first load of webpage to speedup future load time.

What’s enhanced?

Following are some of the existing features and functionalities that have been improved upon as part of DRYiCE v6.1:

NLP Enhancements: For enhancing NLP capabilities, existing QA system of Lucy has been optimized with latest version of BERT model instead of their Deepavlov implementation. It extracts more relevant answers for a query from provided context.

Crawlers for WDS (KMS): Easy to connect knowledge sources for WDS queries which are responsible for crawling and indexing data from sources automatically in regular basis for enriching data within WDS

  • ServiceNow
  • Salesforce
  • Box Storage

Configurable PasswordTransport: Allow protocol changes to be configured on SSO with respect to tenant from Global Admin console to cater to customers having AD which doesn’t support PasswordTransport option.

Configurable Token Based Authentication: Enable token-based authentication used in widgets in click of a button from Master Configuration of tenant.

Bugs & Fixes

Following are the bugs fixed as part of the DRYiCE Lucy v6.1 release.

  • Use Case Design Console UI fixes
  • Fixed issue while displaying Hero cards on MS Teams
  • Fixed pre-existing issues on UMS. (e.g., CSV upload)
  • OTB_GET_SOP function issues are fixed
  • Issue with Zip Upload on UI Management is fixed
Security & Performance Improvement

The following changes were done which in turn improve the performance & with respect to Security of DRYiCE Lucy v6.1 in comparison to the older versions:

  • DB calling optimized for quicker and reliable saving
  • On deployment service worker for Standard UI
  • Security and accessibility changes on Teams & other channels
  • Vulnerable modules are replaced with latest and secure modules
  • Updated to latest version of socket.io (4.2)
  • Moved to Vue.JS as front-end framework for Global Admin and Cognitive Consoles
  • Access Control APIs optimized on DB access
  • Code refactoring to eliminate Memory Leaks
  • Added live monitoring which:
  • Monitors CPU Usage
  • Monitors Memory Usage
  • Monitors Services of Watson, Redis, Cloudant and Object Storage
  • Make notification calls
  • Sends notification messages
Depreciated Features

Depreciation of feature means the feature is in end of support and its alternative must be used. However, feature will continue to work, it is not recommended to use below feature:

  • Connecting to Lucy APIs may not be feasible on Windows Server 2012 R2, due To TLS Cipher change from IBM.
Known Issues/Limitations/Restrictions

Following are the limitations/Restrictions of the features and functionalities released as part of DRYiCE Lucy v6.1:

  • Please perform “Upload Latest JS” on UI Management right after upgrading tenant.
  • All existing MS Teams BOT will not be accessible through deeplinks. Please make sure of using manifest file for accessing MS Teams BOT.


System Requirements

DRYiCE Lucy is hosted on IBM Cloud and utilises IBM PaaS services. System Requirements is Not Applicable (NA).

Upgrading to new version

DRYiCE Lucy v6.1 release is a Minor version release which includes Assisted Upgradation. DRYiCE Lucy follows Zero downtime deployment strategy with automatic rollback in case of failure of deployment for any feature/ functionality during the upgrade.

To upgrade to DRYiCE Lucy v6.1, the Product Professional Services Team follows the below steps:

Note: The steps mentioned below are undertaken separately for each tenant within a customer environment. This means if there are multiple environments like Production, Development and Staging/User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Each of these environments follow the below instructions.  

  • The PS Team verifies the current version of DRYiCE Lucy implemented in the customer environment. (DRYiCE Lucy v6.1 has a “One-click” automated upgrade functionality to upgrade a selected tenant. For DRYiCE Lucy versions older than v4.2, the upgradation process is Manual. For this, a mutually agreed time slot is confirmed between the customer and the PS Team as the upgradation is manual)
  • The Providers will access and review the existing functionalities/ feature within the customer environment and share the impact w.r.t upgrading to v6.1.
  • Non-Production environments should be logical replica of Production before upgradation.
  • This upgrade is Provider owned model, where providers can find upgrade card for the tenants which are eligible or not upgraded through which the tenant can be upgraded. This can be found in Configure page of the tenant by clicking gear icon next to the tenant on the tenants listing page.
  • For Provider owned Model, the Provider Admin or the Provider SPOC can follow the steps mentioned in the Upgrade page for upgrading the tenant automatically.
  • In case of any issue, please raise a support ticket on Support link of DRYiCE Lucy. Lucy Professional Services team also need to create a task on JIRA portal.



DRYiCE Lucy is a conversation AI platform. It provides extensive capabilities to create conversational agents which mimic human interaction, learn, and adapt to user needs through smart conversations by leveraging enterprise-grade Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Users can use Lucy to find the relevant information available across different enterprise systems.

Lucy helps organizations move up the maturity curve and enhance the user experience for employees and customers. By leveraging advanced natural language processing Lucy reduces human errors and increases productivity. It comes with out-of- the-box use cases for various scenarios and can be easily extended to cover the “Cognitive chatbot” needs of modern enterprises.


For any queries/clarifications, please reach out to us on Support.