DRYiCE Lucy v4.2



Product Name DRYiCE Lucy
Version Number 4.2
Release Month March , 2020
Release Summary

The Release Notes capture the details of features and functionalities introduced in DRYiCE Lucy as part of its minor release version 4.2. 

New Features and Enhancements

What’s new?

With this release, Lucy’s capabilities have expanded across multiple areas including the ability to converse in multiple languages, initiate a conversation pro-actively with end users using Push notifications, and many more. Following are the newly launched features and functionalities as part of DRYiCE Lucy v4.2:

Multi-domain skill framework: This feature highlights Lucy as a domain agnostic platform. It gives users the following options:

  • On-the-go enablement of multi-domain skill framework
  • Dedicated console to configure and perform skill management
  • Features supported on non-web channels like MS Teams, Slack, FB messenger etc. as part of omni-channel effort

Push notification: Browser-based real time push notifications for a better user experience

UI compliance: Lucy is now AA level (Intermediate level) compliant under Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

Multilingual: Following feature enhancements are made in multi-lingual capabilities:

  • On-the-go enablement of multi-lingual framework
  • Training modes available depending on use case applicability
  • Functionality of “Bring your own Translator”
  • Detection and auto-switch capabilities are out-of-the-box (OTB) and can be enabled on the go
  • Dedicated console to configure and perform response management
  • Feature supported on channels like MS Teams, Slack, FB messenger etc

Hero card: An existing feature enhancement on Lucy’s omni channel capabilities. It ensures better user experience on channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack and MS Teams etc

Voice Chat: An existing feature enhancement to the Speech to Text (STT) capabilities under Voice Chat, this version release gives an option to leverage IBM Watson

Cognitive Console upgrades: The following upgrades are made to the existing Cognitive Console of Lucy:

  • Password Management: Policy update with respect to User Password Management
  • Master Configuration: Feature enhancement where providers get the functionality to make additional configuration changes to their tenants
  • UI to adopt changing Bot names

About Tenant Page: Read-only page which displays configuration specifics

Enterprise Connectors: New out of box connectors are available for enterprise applications as follows:

  • ServiceNow (SNOW)
  • Avolin
  • Cherwell (Enhancements made for easier configuration)

Cherwell Automated Use case configuration: Lucy’s console to automate Watson training actions by uploading Service catalog mapping from Cherwell

Auto mailers for License expiration: Automated reminder mailers triggered daily and weekly, notifying stakeholders about Product License status

Bugs & Fixes

Following are the bugs fixed as part of the DRYiCE Lucy v4.2 release.

  • UI bug fix on Lucy’s Global Admin and Cognitive Console
  • Fixes related to UI management/migration
  • Bug-Fixes on Bot connect API
  • Chrome compatibility bug-fix for version above 80
  • Cherwell connector related bug-fixes
Known Issues/Limitations/Restrictions

Following are the limitations/Restrictions of the features and functionalities released as part of DRYiCE Lucy v4.2:

  • Multi-lingual and multi-skill unavailable in Bot Connect API
  • Multi-domain skill limitation as fast training under multi-lingual can only be enabled and vice-versa
  • Push Notification available for Web access only


System Requirements

DRYiCE Lucy is hosted on IBM Cloud and utilises IBM PaaS services. System Requirements is Not Applicable (NA).


DRYiCE Lucy is a Cognitive Virtual Assistant. It mimics human interaction, learns and adapts to user needs through smart conversations by leveraging enterprise-grade Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Users can use Lucy to find the relevant information available across different enterprise systems.

Lucy helps organizations move up the maturity curve and enhance the user experience for employees and customers. By leveraging advanced natural language processing Lucy reduces human errors and increases productivity. It comes with out-of- the-box use cases for various scenarios and can be easily extended to cover the “Cognitive chatbot” needs of modern enterprises.


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