DRYiCE Lucy v4.1



Product Name DRYiCE Lucy
Version Number 4.1
Release Month December , 2019
Release Period (if release was phased) Oct - Dec 2019
Release Summary

These Release Notes capture the details of features and functionalities introduced in DRYiCE Lucy version 4.1. This release marks the launch of consoles such as the Global Admin Console and Cognitive Console as part of the DRYiCE Lucy Bot Framework.

New Features and Enhancements

What’s new?

Following are the newly launched features and functionalities as part of DRYiCE Lucy v4.1:

Global Admin Console: Console for admin users to manage product tenants, billing templates, channel configurations, and support requests. It has sub-consoles for admin users to govern and manage DRYiCE Lucy through a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The sub-consoles with their functionality are given below:

(Note: Role-based access to admin users determine the access to below functionalities. Tenant here refers to the production instance of DRYiCE Lucy and the designated admin of the same is referred to as the Tenant single-point-of-contact (SPOC). Similarly, Provider is the Re-seller of DRYiCE Lucy, and the designated admin of the same is referred to as the Provider SPOC. Super admins are the owners of the product)

  • Tenant Management: High manageability to admin users of the product. Admin users can onboard new tenants, view tenant access logs, leverage out-of-the-box (OTB) integration adapters, and manage existing tenants
  • Resource Management: View and manage resources/services created for a particular tenant
  • User Management: Ease of use for admin users as they can onboard and manage other admin users of the Console. Provider admins and Super admins can access this functionality
  • Billing Management: Provides billing flexibility to admin users. Create/manage billing templates for Providers and Tenants through separate Billing Management sub-consoles
  • Request Management: Enables product support by managing product support requests and announcements
  • Provider Management: Enables manageability for the Super admins to onboard and manage provider admins of the product
  • Announcement: One-stop destination for all product-related announcements and news such as upcoming releases, scheduled maintenance /downtime activity, etc.
  • Documentation Management: View and download the latest product documentation
  • Support: Allows all admin users to create and track product requests and announcements

Cognitive Console: Through this console, the Tenant admin user can manage, curate, and train DRYiCE Lucy. The sub-consoles within Cognitive Console assist in product configuration, management, and customization of DRYiCE Lucy. These sub-consoles are:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Management: This section provides Tenant admin users the ability to create /configure /manage documents such as SOPs as part of DRYiCE Lucy Dialogflow
  • Spellchecker: A pre- Natural Language Processing (NLP) processing component that Tenant admins can use to check /add technical words and organization-specific acronyms and phrases in DRYiCE Lucy’s conversations
  • Integration Module: This section enables Tenant admins to create rules that can govern integration between DRYiCE Lucy and third-party services and tools
  • Multilingual chat configuration: This section provides the ability to configure DRYiCE Lucy’s default chat functionalities
  • Bot Connector Application Programming Interface (API): Tenant admins can leverage this to integrate DRYiCE Lucy with various enterprise tools and applications via. single click adapters
  • Openwhisk: Tenant admin users can use this functionality to create /configure Openwhisk functions
  • User Interface (UI) Management: Web chat customization capabilities for Tenant admins
  • User Management: Tenant admins can leverage this to create, modify, delete, and manage access levels for users and groups within DRYiCE Lucy
  • Reporting Dashboard: Dashboard for admin users to dynamically track and display metrics for DRYiCE Lucy’s conversations. These data insights can be leveraged to customize and train DRYiCE Lucy

Third-Party Integrations: Third-party integrations such as Cherwell, Remedy Force, BigFix, ServiceNow, and Vayusphere to ensure DRYiCE Lucy can answer user queries as well as orchestrate actions on their behalf.

What’s enhanced?

Following are some of the existing features and functionalities that have been improved upon as part of DRYiCE v4.1:

Chat Interface: User-friendly UX of the DRYiCE Lucy web chat interface with functionalities such as chat history, chat theme options, and language selection

Security Upgrade: Improved security, industry standards, and regulatory compliance through:

  • Native and enforced Multifactor Authentication (MFA)support on User Management system
  • Role-based consoles for configuration and management Access Control List (ACL
  • Password expiry for native user management system
  • Automated configuration over admin console and masked credentials for developer
  • Identity Access Management (IAM) based authentication for compute execution/integrations
  • Restricted and controlled Asset management model
Bugs & Fixes

300+ bugs and issues around GUI functionalities, screen prompts/ alert messages of the product are fixed as part of this release.

Performance Improvement

The following changes were done to improve the performance of DRYiCE Lucy v4.1 in comparison to the older versions.

  • Migration from 8.x to 10.x Node JavaScript (JS) buildpack with long term support (LTS
  • SDK upgrade to the latest version with vulnerability removal on dependencies
  • App ID API migration from v3 to v4
  • Implementation of the channel deployment cycle
System Requirements

DRYiCE Lucy is hosted on IBM Cloud and utilises IBM PaaS services. System Requirements is not applicable.


DRYiCE Lucy is a Cognitive Virtual Assistant. It mimics human interaction, learns, and adapts to user needs through smart conversations by leveraging enterprise-grade NLP and Machine Learning (ML). Users can use Lucy to find the relevant information available across different enterprise systems.

Lucy helps organizations move up the maturity curve and enhance the user experience for employees and customers. By leveraging advanced natural language processing Lucy reduces human errors and increases productivity. It comes with OTB use cases for various scenarios and can be easily extended to cover the “Cognitive Chabot” needs of modern enterprises.


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