DRYiCE iControl v1.3



Product Name DRYiCE iControl
Version Number 1.3
Release Month May , 2020
Release Summary

iControl product provides business context to operational events by linking application, business units and products to a business flow supporting delivery of a product or service to an endpoint. iControl resolves the challenges with data sanity/accuracy to enhance the Target performance monitoring and add predictive real-time monitoring through machine learning and a growing list of dashboard widgets.In total there were 66 JIRA tickets completed including enhancements, improvements, new fixes and features added as part of this release.

New Features and Enhancements

In total there were 66 JIRA tickets completed including enhancements, improvements, new fixes and features added as part of this release. Below are the key highlights.

  • Target list drill-down enhancements: added textual and breach status filters as well as list refresh.

  • Enriched Domain Packs, flows created from a Domain Pack will be populated with both the process Flow and the associated Targets as well as associated dimensions, if stored within the Domain Pack Flow.

  • Added refresh list feature to Flow, Target, Data Stream and Base Search list pages

  • Predictive model admin: the ability to add further predictive models without the need for an application rebuild. Available models list read from backend on load.
  • Sorted drop-down lists: user experience improvement, drop-down lists now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Create Data Stream navigation: on creating a Data Stream user navigates to the view details page rather than the list page, consistent with the way other lists work.
  • LDAP user admin: added iControl registration of LDAP users, the ability to add LDAP users and group membership without the ability to manage user roles/permissions.
  • Latest copy: updated the object edit forms to load the up-to-date Flow, Target , Data Stream or Base Search before presenting the associated edit form.
  • Updated validation of Target active window input.
  • Addressed remaining warnings in Splunk Platform Upgrade Readiness App.
  • Implementation of Time Series ‘Predictive’ algorithms, these are better aligned to many flow monitoring events than the standard numerical regression algorithms.
  • Added machine learning algorithms endpoint to facilitate dynamic updating of available algorithms without the need to rebuild the iControl application.
  • Updated to the latest Domain Packs.
Domain Packs

Additional Domain Pack flows have been added/updated in iControl across multiple industries.

Bugs and Fixes
  • Now able to fully create and edit splunk user roles and groups.
  • Now able to fully register LDAP users and assign to groups, assigned roles are view only.
  • Fixed naming convention for labels and buttons where descriptions unclear.
  • Fixed issue where displaying Base Search details page was clearing the locally stored Data Streams list.
  • Removed superfluous re-rendering of the Data Streams list.
  • Fixed issue with editing dimension entries.
  • Fixed issue with orphan Target references being left in Flows endpoint when Targets deleted.
  • Fixed issue with Owners and Operators unable to create Base Searches.
  • Renamed icontrol_scenarios role to address app account user who should only have a single role.
  • Fixed ability to add and edit LDAP users through iControl (as well as from within Splunk).
  • Removed redundant code/historical functions, reduced application size.
  • User registration and creation of preferences linked so user can be added via admin or via 1st login.
  • User deletion removes user preferences.
  • Fixed issues with adding and deleting users.
  • Fixed time zones with missing calendars.
  • Various bug fixes and UX improvement.
Performance Improvement
  • Improved Flow save function (merge) to increase speed and remove unassigned orphan Targets.
  • Improved performance and refactored many endpoint calls will only execute when data required.
Known Issues/Limitations/Restrictions
  • Deleting Targets may affect Target Performance calculation for all remaining Targets associated to the same Base Search or Data Stream, under investigation.
System Requirements

DRYiCE iControl dependencies:

  • Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit v5 (for Splunk 8) or v4 (for Splunk 7.3.4).

iControl is a product within the emerging market sector of Operations Intelligence – technology solutions that leverage analytics to help end-users continuously monitor and manage business operations in real-time.

iControl forms part of a combined software and services solution developed by DRYiCE around “Business Flow Monitoring” which enables its customers to monitor, measure and report on the impact of IT performance in delivering business outcomes. Today iControl is primarily used by the project team as an implementation tool.

Business Flow Monitoring provides real time monitoring against business relevant targets. It is used by Operations technology staff on a day-to-day basis to ensure smooth running of the bank’s critical business flows to deliver end product outcomes.

Key elements of a Business Flow Monitoring implementation are to:

  • Define a visual “flow” for the end-to-end business process
  • Define service-level targets to set expected performance for key points within the flow
  • Associate these targets with metric data provided from underlying monitoring
  • Calculate real-time service-level performance and capture variance from expected levels

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