DRYiCE iAutomate v5.0



Product Name DRYiCE iAutomate
Version Number 5.0
Release Month May , 2020
Release Summary

DRYiCE iAutomate provides Intelligent Runbook Automation capabilities for automating the IT Operations resolution lifecycle, specifically for incidents, service request tasks and change request tasks. It leverages Machine Learning and Natural Language Process capabilities for understanding most common / repetitive issues, recommends most relevant solutions and even resolves them autonomously.
Release 5.0 focusses on various new features, enhancements and performance improvements for some of the core services.

New Features and Enhancements
  • Knowledge Assistant: Recommendation of relevant knowledge artefacts based on the ticket descriptions for all types of tickets, automatable (in-scope) as well as non-automatable (out-of-scope). Earlier, this feature was only available for automatable tickets.

    Knowledge artefacts could be:
    • Knowledge Articles from internal enterprise repositories and external web based sources

    • Related Tickets resolved in the past and runbooks executed
  • Knowledge Guide: Provides users with additional detailed information on Related tickets for enabling faster resolutions.

  • Dashboard and Widgets:
    • Allow mapping of widgets to a specific user or organization

    • Introducing a new widget for presenting metrics on Scheduled Executions

  • Ticket Logs: Provide users with drilled down information for Archived tickets
  • Security and Authentication: Enable Single Sign On Login through SAML 2.0 support
  • New Runbooks: 100+ New Runbooks launched for AWS and Google Cloud Platform
  • Push APIs: Enable other vendor tools to push data for incidents, SRs tasks and Change Request tasks through the new Push API
  • i-Help: Enable self-help for users by providing information on various modules and sections during installation, configuration and product use.

  • Component Logs: Enable users to export the component logs for sharing and debugging the issues faster
  • UI / UX Enhancements: Multiple enhancements to enable a seamless end-user experience
Performance Improvements
  • Knowledge Recommendation Service enabling faster recommendation and retrieval cycle
  • Runbook Recommendation service for much faster and enriched recommendations
  • AI model optimization for ranking of knowledge and runbook recommendations based on human feedback
  • Data crawler service optimization for much faster data aggregation from pre-configured knowledge sources
Bugs and Fixes
  • Fixed issues faced while Selecting Runbooks, post configurational changes at the backend, without having to logout and login again. Data on screen is now made to refresh in real-time.
  • Fixed issues related to auto screen refresh post upload of runbooks, under “Create Runbook” menu
  • Removed duplicate and inconsistent Related Ticket recommendations under Guide option
  • Fixed issues related to incorrect count of knowledge articles appearing during Knowledge Search by the user
  • Removed the restriction of having at least one collection to be configured, for the system to fetch data from web based repositories, in case relevant data is not found in any configured collection
  • Fixed issue related to screen refresh while downloading the script under Script Analysis screen
  • Fixed the issue encountered while creating a new script. Changes have been made to ensure any pre-populated data doesn’t appear
  • Modified the status of a job which has been reset to Reinitialized from Failed
  • Removed the pop-up while refreshing the screen every time on the Build Model screen
Upcoming Release

New Features and Enhancements

  • Addition of new reports and widgets
  • Azure AD Sync Support
  • New Runbooks


  • ServiceNow Orchestration
  • Cherwell
  • Remedy Force
  • Moogsoft (Event Module Integration)

DRYiCE iAutomate is an intelligent runbook automation product which brings AI and collaboration as key features into the automation domain. iAutomate delivers the power of AI, ML, and NLP through extensive use of proprietary NLP algorithms and knowledge analysis in conjunction with our industry leading orchestration engines. It provides robust, end-to-end incident remediation and task automation across the infrastructure and applications landscape by leveraging a repository of over 1500 configurable and reusable runbooks.
Differentiating features of iAutomate:

  • Ingest, analyse ticket data and identify ideal automation candidates automatically without manual effort
  • Machine Learning and NLP Powered Recommendation and Remediation
  • Zero-Touch Intelligent Automation without Human Intervention
  • Automation Diversity supporting different kinds of automations – Incidents, Service Requests Tasks, Change Requests Tasks, Scheduled Executions, and Adhoc Tasks
  • OOB Runbook Library containing 1500+ automation runbooks
  • One-click access to enterprise knowledge for quickly resolving issues
  • Contextual Knowledge Assistance in form of knowledge articles
  • On the fly creation of automation runbooks / workflows

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