Product Name DRYiCE GBP on SX
Version Number Release 11
Release Month March
Release Period (if release was phased) 27rd Dec 2021 – 24th March 2022
Release Summary

With this release, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new UI, which aims to drive productivity, improve engagement and reduce the number of clicks for day-to-day work needs. The service information section on the home page has been enhanced to allow users to access information, review ratings, add to favorites, add to cart, and place orders without navigating away from the home page. With the introduction of advanced table column filters on every list page, users will now be able to configure and search even the most complex queries intuitively, and easily. Finally, the page layout has been enhanced with new colors, icons, and tables, vastly improving users' experience on the portal.

New Features and Enhancements

The other highlights of this release include exciting new features such as introducing visual cues for identifying VIP users on incident and fulfillment forms, capturing change cancellation reasons for enabling future audits, and enhanced search capabilities with 'Typeahead' field control.

The scope of this release extends to the Consumer Portal, Service Board, SLA Board, Fulfilment, Foundation, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Asset, and Config Management, TMS Board, AMS Board, and Notifications Module.

Consumer Portal

  • Now, users will be able to see the same label names on the quick access section across all the modules. The standardization of labels will help improve users' experience on the portal.
  • The API call to the Knowledge community will be called only when the community connection is active.

  • The mobile UI for the following consumer pages has been revamped

    • Grid and List View of the Home Page

    • Offering Details

    • Offering Listings

    • Shopping Cart

    • Order Now

    • My Requests, Approvals, and Delegations

    • Feedback

    • Create Delegation

    • My Profile

    • Global search lists

    • My Article Lists

    • Global Search Articles

    • Conditions of Use

    • Privacy Notice

    This will enable users to access the pages in the way they were initially designed.

  • The information provided by requesters in table type control has been converted into a readable format with the insertion of newline characters before every column and the use of larger fonts. This will allow users to quickly read and understand the questions or information provided by requesters in fulfillment requests.
  • The options available in the 'Other Links' and 'Self Manage' section on the footer section of the shopping catalog page have been changed as below:

    • The 'Feedback' option configured under the 'Other Links' section has been moved to the 'Self Manage' tab, which will allow users to access all the relevant options from a single place.

    • The 'Shopping Cart' option under the 'Self Manage' section has been removed as it is already available on the top of the consumer home page.

    These changes will improve the users' experience as they know where to search to access the required options.

  • Now, users with 'Administrator', 'Super Admin', 'User Approval Manager', and 'Broadcast Manager' roles will be able to see 'Foundation' as a new menu item on the main GBP on SX UI.
  • The following UI changes have been introduced -

    1. The search functionality has been enhanced by introducing additional column filters such as 'text' and 'date', enabling faster access to records.

    2. The search result page has been paginated to improve users' experience on the portal.

    3. The 'Total Count' of records available based on search criteria will be displayed on the top right side of the page.

    4. The 'Clear All Filter' button will be visible only after applying filters to the records.

    5. Upon clicking on records, the details will become visible on the right-hand section

    6. Upon clicking on the 'close button,' the section on the right displaying record details will be closed.

Service Board

  • A new offering description label has been introduced above the service description on the offering details page, enabling users to understand the context of the information provided.

  • The look and feel of the service board has been changed as follows –

    • The color-coding on the UI has been changed to 'Teal' to improve users visual experience on the portal.

    • The look and feel of the service details table displayed on the right-hand side of the UI has been enhanced by including new fonts and color schemes.

    This will help provide a visually engaging experience to users on the portal.

  • The category name for incident questions on the 'Order Now' page has been changed to 'Incident details. This used to be displayed earlier as 'INC_CATEGORY', which created a poor user experience.
  • The 'Offering Detail' page has been enhanced as given below:

    • Now, reviews will be displayed in the descending order of their ratings from 5 to 1 instead of 1 to 5.

    • Now, in case of a high review count, users will be able to read the whole comment in one go, thus improving their experience.

    • Now, reviews that have not been populated with comments will no longer be visible to users.

    These enhancements will help in improving users' experience on the portal.

  • Now, before removing chain entities from the Service Board, catalog managers will be able to check whether the service chain entity belongs to the service provider role or service supporter role. This will enable the catalog managers to cross-check the chain entities' details on the Service Board before their deletion, thus removing mistakes.

SLA Board

  • SLAs for incidents, changes, and problem requests that have already achieved the 'Met' or 'Breached' condition will no longer be paused if the tickets are put on hold. This will ensure that the SLAs are correctly captured for auditing purposes.

  • The SLA progress status will only be visible to problem/change user-managers working on the tickets and have the permissions to view those tickets.

  • The field control for the 'Company' field under the 'SLA' button and the 'Holiday Work Schedule' button have been changed to the 'Typeahead' type of field.

  • The SLA Progress status will be visible only to fulfiller/incident user-managers working on that ticket and have permission to view those tickets.

Asset and Config Board

  • The field-control in the ‘Business Owner' field on the add/edit form has been changed from 'Dropdown' to 'Typeahead'. This will help narrow down the search results by returning only the relevant results based on the keywords used for 'Name', 'Email', and 'Employee ID'.

  • The 'CMDB Update required' functionality has been enhanced by introducing a 'CI update date' field on the change form, which will be automatically populated with the date of updation of CI in the CMDB. This will remove the additional step of confirming the change implementations manually, thus enabling users to proceed to the next step.

  • The field control for the 'Company', 'Support Company', Business Owner' 'Technical Owner', 'Support Group', and 'Location' fields on the 'Add/Edit' forms has been changed from 'Dropdown' to 'Typeahead'. Similarly, in Chain entities & Task Plan, the 'Company' and 'Group List' fields have been changed from Dropdown to Typeahead. This will help users narrow down the results by returning only those search items relevant to the keywords entered for 'Name', 'Email', and 'Employee ID' options in the respective fields.

AMS Board

  • The UI of the AMS Board has been aligned with the look and feel of the 'My Request' pages. The new enhancements are as mentioned below:

    1. Now, users will be able to search for records based on column filters such as 'text' and 'date' and combine multiple column filters for configuring complex search queries using logical AND operations.

    2. The search results have been paginated to improve the user experience.

    3. The 'Total Count' of records obtained from the search criteria will be displayed on the top right side of the page.

    4. Upon data refresh, the applied filters will remain visible on the page.

    5. The 'Clear All Filter' button will be visible only upon applying filters.

    6. Upon clicking on records, all the associated details will become visible in the right-hand section.

    7. Upon clicking on the 'close button,' the section on the right displaying the record details will be closed.

    8. Now, records will not get automatically selected upon navigating to the 'My Requests' page, preventing unnecessary API calls.

    9. The API for the work item details section will be uploaded only after selecting the records.

    10. Clicking twice on the same record will not reload the WI details section again.

    11. The Service/CI name will be abridged and represented with three dots after 70 characters and the full name will only be shown in the tooltip.

    These enhancements will help improve the experience of users, which will help improve productivity.

  • The field control for the 'Company(consumer/support)' field on the 'Add/Edit form has been changed from 'Dropdown' to 'Typeahead'. This will be helpful when there is a large amount of data on a supporter or providers companies to be shown in the field that cannot be populated effectively in traditional dropdown lists.
  • Now, upon clicking on 'Show AMS Groups' while editing tasks, support users will be able to see all the groups that have been configured in the AMS Rules from the 'Task Plan' section in CMDB Fulfilment Plan in Service Board, as well as the AMS board.

  • Upon creating new requests, the associated approvals will be triggered only once to the delegates of approvers or to the members of approval groups.

TMS Board

  • The 'Assignment Group' and 'Individual' fields on the add/edit form have been changed from 'Dropdown' to 'Typeahead' control fields. This will help narrow the search results to the relevant support group and associated group member names based on the keywords entered in their respective fields.

  • The' Closed' option has been removed from the options available under the 'Work Item Board' status field. All tasks currently in 'Closed' status have been moved to 'Completed' status. This will provide visibility of all the tasks that have been completed, allowing closure of the requests.

Fulfillment Portal

  • The field control for 'Group' and 'Individual' fields on the 'add/edit form in the fulfillment module has been changed from 'Dropdown' to 'Typeahead.'


  • The Service Portfolio Manager role has been hidden in the foundation portal since it is no longer in use. Similarly, the SLA viewer role has been removed because the role will now be automatically inherited by all the manager roles. This will help in removing role duplication and reducing redundancy.

  • Now, whenever users are created in the foundation portal from integrations or scripts, the ‘Enable app-id’ column on the User Master table will be automatically populated with 'NULL' instead of the 'False' value earlier, which conveyed the inappropriate meaning. This will ensure that the validation rules configured for 'True' and 'False' values get triggered once the values in the 'App-ID' column in the User Master table change.

Incident Management

  • Now, VIP flags will be visible on the fulfillment/incident forms on the 'Work Item Board' (WIB) and 'Add/Edit' forms for fulfillment/incidents to identify users whose 'VIP' field value has been configured as 'Yes' in 'Foundation' portal. This will ensure prompt handling of tickets marked as 'VIP', thus preventing escalations.

Problem Management

  • The following changes have been introduced on the 'Edit' page of problem records -

    • The 'Corrective Action Required' label has been changed to 'Corrective Action - With Change'.

    • The 'Corrective Action Not Required' label has been changed to 'Corrective Action - Without Change’.

    • Upon submission of problem findings, the 'Record Problem Findings' link in the hamburger label will be displayed as 'View Problem Findings'.

    • Upon clicking the 'View Problem Findings' link, the information will be displayed only in the read-only format.

    • Upon proposing a change from the hamburger menu, the RFC number will be hyperlinked for easy navigation.

    • The section 'Workaround Provided' has now been made non-mandatory.

    These will help improve the user experience on the portal and help in enhancing their productivity.

Change Management

  • The labels on the 'Approval Console' and 'Work Item Board (WIB) have been changed as shown below:

    The 'Exp End Date' and the 'Exp Start Date' labels have been changed to 'Scheduled Start Date' and 'Scheduled End Date’.

    The labels' downtime start' and 'downtime end' have been changed to 'Downtime Start Date' and 'Downtime End Date’.

  • Now, upon changing the status of change requests to 'Cancelled,' a text box will be displayed on the UI prompting users to enter the reason for the cancellation. Once the text has been saved, the comments will be automatically posted into the Activity journal and configured in the notifications triggered to requestors to inform them of the cancellation.

All processes

  • The field control for the 'Company' field in add/edit form in the incident, change, and problem modules have been changed from 'Dropdown' to 'Typeahead' which will help in narrowing down the search results only to relevant consumer companies based on the keywords entered in the field.

  • Upon changing the status of Incident/Fulfilment/Problem/Change to Closed/Cancelled/Rejected/Fixed/, Completed users will be able to view attachments but the option to add/edit/delete will not be available to them. This will ensure that all the associated records are available for future audits.

  • Now, a 'Cross' icon will be visible on the 'Add' and 'Edit' forms across all modules for the following fields: -

    Incident/Problem/Change: Company/Requestor/Group/Individual

    Fulfillment: Group and Individual

    This will allow users to remove the name of the Company/Requestor/Group/Individual entered in their respective fields if required.

  • Now, while creating new tickets for any of the modules, the 'Emp unique identity number' will no longer be shown in the requester IDs displayed on the dropdown list of the 'Customer' field. This will help in ensuring the privacy of consumers on the portal.


  • Now, catalog managers will be provided with the option to remove footer images from the 'Notification Board' by clicking on the cross button underneath the images. It will allow them to display or hide footer images as per their requirements.

  • A template has been provided for configuring the subject line of email notifications, ensuring consistency of format across all modules.

  • Now, upon adding new ad-hoc approvers to existing requests, notifications will be triggered to inform them of pending approvals. This will alert them on any pending approvals, allowing them to take the appropriate actions.

  • Now, notifications triggered to requesters informing them about the cancellation of change requests will contain a separate section mentioning the reason for the cancellation populated from the comments entered on the activity journal. This will allow users to take the appropriate actions if necessary.

  • Now upon updating ‘On Hold’ tickets, notifications will be triggered to the assignment group and the assignees to alert them of the customer’s response. This will allow the recipients of the notification to take the necessary actions if required.

  • Now, upon selecting an invalid email address format from the options available on the dropdown list of the 'Send To' field, a pop-up notification will be triggered on the user's UI displaying the message 'Please enter a valid email address’. This will ensure that the notifications are triggered correctly to the recipients.


  • The look and feel of the Data Queries section has been changed on the new UI, thus improving the users' experience.

About SX and GBP on SX

DRYiCE GBP on SX™ offers a unified marketplace for enterprise services fulfilled by best-in-class ITSM practices.


For product-related inquiries, please reach us at support.dryice.ai@hcl.com