Product Name DRYiCE AEX
Version Number 1.0
Release Month June , 2021
Release Summary

The release note captures the details of features and functionalities introduced in DRYiCE AEX as part of its first general available release version 1.0. This release puts employee experience at the forefront and introduces multiple value-driving features.

New Features and Enhancements

Here’s a summary of what has been introduced in DRYiCE AEX v1.0 release:

  • Enterprise marketplace: E-commerce like experience for users to browse through enterprise services and request for the same. Users can also seamlessly track/ cancel requests, add comments, request support, and provide feedback
  • Cognitive virtual assistant: An intelligent chatbot that humanizes end-user experience by providing interactive support. It can give recommendations to solve user problems by fetching knowledge articles or by triggering automated remediation for application issues on end-user devices
  • End-point monitoring and reporting: Continuous monitoring of all end-points in the organization with real-time insights on system health that can assist in identifying issues proactively and fix user issues even before they become evident
  • End-point remediation: Unassisted, self-heal remediation capabilities that help improve the end-user digital experience by empowering employees to resolve commonly occurring system and application issues without raising service desk tickets.
  • Live agent: Live chat support to enable employees to get real-time human-assisted support for critical queries.
  • Account management: Eliminate downtime for employees locked out of their accounts by providing automated means to unlock account, reset password, and change password.
About AEX

DRYiCE AEX is an end-to-end digital workplace solution that transforms employee experience and fosters productivity while optimizing costs through AI, automation, and self-help capabilities.

Product Feedback

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