XaaS Service Lifecycle Management

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Value of XSM™

DRYiCE XaaS Service Management (XSM) is a next-generation, cloud-native solution designed to manage the lifecycle of XaaS (“Everything” as a Service) delivery models, aggregating multiple catalogs to provide a single unified interface. Our powerful virtual assistant, powered with cognitive capabilities, is enabled on DRYiCE XSM to aid consumers.

DRYiCE XSM Reduced Manual effort

Improved user experience and enhanced self-service

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The Book of Impact

AI foundation for the digital enterprise

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Key Benefits

Offered on a SaaS mode and Can be Accessed from Any Device

Offered on a SaaS mode and can be accessed from any device

Allows Creation of Multiple Tasks Against a Work Item

Allows creation of multiple tasks against a work item

Configure and Manage Approvals for Services; Managing and Tracking Service Performance Levels

Configure and manage approvals for services; managing and tracking service performance levels

Intuitive, Customizable, and Interactive User Interface

Intuitive, customizable, and interactive user interface

Collaborative for Faster Resolution of Tickets

Collaborative for faster rsolution of tickets

Faster Fulfilment and Quicker Response Time

Faster fulfilment and quicker response time

Automated Rule-based Assignation and Routing of Work Item Records

Automated rule-based assignation and routing of work Item records

Intelligent Virtual Assistant with Natural Language Processing Capabilities to Converse in Natural Language

Intelligent virtual assistant with natural language processing capabilities to converse in natural language

Improves SLA Management and Performance

Improves SLA management and performance

Capable of Involving Multiple Groups through a Robust Task Management System

Capable of involving multiple groups through a robust task management system

Key Features

Entitlement based-service consumption; personalized as per service and user profile

Intuitive, reliable and experience-based form creation is at the core of DRYiCE XSM and is deployed in a self-service mode

Crowd sourced knowledge management allows end users to publish their experience by sharing knowledge articles

Automates rule-based assignation and routing of work item records through assignment management system

Ability to configure and manage approvals for services; managing and tracking service performance levels

For the digital native users; enable BYOD in your enterprise

Collaborative multi-task, multi-group task management system designed with intuitive familiar user interface


Case Study

DRYiCE XSM reduced manual effort of catalogue creation by 75% for multiple clients

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A XaaS lifecycle management product

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